Two new Forums added! Actions to take and PA Adult Forums added


We listen to our members suggestions! As you have requested we have added these two new Forums to help our community.

"Actions to take" is the current name of the first new Forum we just added. This forum is to help organize the work we do as a community and help us get you involved in the issues to make a difference "PA Adult" is the current name of the second Forum we just added. For those peanut allergic adult issues and topics >>>

These new forums that have just been added are currently in 23rd and 24th place on the list of PeanutAllergy.Com Forums.

Let us know where you think they should be, what text should be included in the Forum Description: This is displayed on the intro page that summarizes all forums when users visit. We can change the name of the forum if you come up with a good name which will summarize it better. You can post your ideas and opinions on the forum itself, this will help organize the information. Of course, as always, you can email us with them if you do not like to post. The email address to send to is below.

Your suggestions and opinions are valued and welcomed so please let us know what you think!

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On Mar 27, 2001

Oops, never mind.

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