TwinJect Questions...


I just got new Epi's and they gave me TwinJect's- I got 6 seperate Epi's- so you don't have to use the same one 2 times

I am nervous about the idea of re-training everyone-

Are they still making the Epi by dey? My pharmacy said they are only carrying Twinject now-

Shall I go back and return these and get from a different pharmacy?

What have you all done?


On Dec 5, 2006

there was a post about this awhile ago. My allergist is only refilling with twin ject. He gave me a trainer awhile ago. Once you get the hang of it, it is okay, but I feel it is more difficult and confusing to train someone with one. I feel that the epi is so straightforward, remove grey cap, swing and jab is easier than remove red, green etc. I'll re raise the other thread..

On Dec 5, 2006

Gwen the epi-pen is still available in Canada. I'm still getting it because that's what my inusrance covers. I checked and they are not yet covering the twin-ject.

For school I definitely prefer the epi-pen just because that's what they are all trained on.

On Dec 5, 2006

I got the twinJect's that don't give you a second dose in the same device. I got seperate pens- so as usual I would carry 2 at all times.

Is that the part most object to? Having to reload the device for a second injection?

If you have seperate units do you think it is just as easy to use?

Also, I noticed in the video they injected it inot the top part of the thigh, not the side? What is your thought about where to inject?


On Dec 5, 2006

Gwen, I'm very confused.

[b]twin[/b]ject is two doses. You do not reload the device.

After injecting the first dose you take it apart - at the needle end - and remove the needle part [b]with[/b] the second dose already premeasured and no air in it. If you require the second dose you do have to manually inject and push in a plunger.

Have you read over the directions with your twinject?

On Dec 6, 2006

Yes, I am confused. The point of Twinject is that there are two doses in one pen. after you auto inject, you unscrew the pen and manually give second dose. There are trainers and videos online to show you how to use it....

On Dec 6, 2006

Also, if you switch at school, you will have to have your forms re done. Our school epi pens expire in jan 07. I'm probably going to give them the two epi pens that I carry and then I will have to carry twin ject. Then, next school year, the new forms will be filled out for twin ject.

On Dec 6, 2006

I just watched the demonstration video for the Twinject and I found it to be too many steps.

I do not want to have to retrain everyone to use a device that is more confusing. I find Epi-pen to be much simpler and I do not want to have to switch.

I have teachers who already act squeamish about the possibility of having to give dd her Epi-pen--I can't imagine their reaction to the Twinject!!

My dd self carries and I am also not as comfortable w/ my dd having to learn to use it.

I hope when our rx expires in Jan. that we are still able to receive Epi-pens.

On Dec 6, 2006

Sorry for the confusion-

I was confused- I now know that the Twinject is 2 doses-

I had asked the pharmacist if it came in single doeses and I thought he said Yes. So he gave me 6 Twinjects-

I now realize that I have 12 doses of Epi!

I don't know what to do... should I bring them back and demand the regular Epi's by Dey? Or is this going to be the new drug of choice by Pharmacies since it may be cheaper?

In some ways I like the idea of 2 doses in one pen but it also scares me- Can it give 2 doses at one time accidently? They say No, but how much has it been tested and used?

On Dec 6, 2006

Gwen, don't panic [img][/img]

I think the Twinjects will be ok. You don't have to worry about accidently giving two doses because there is a little spacer on the plunger that stops it from giving more than one dose.

Since you have so many, I would just not even worry about giving the second (manual) dose. Just use them the same way you would Epipens.

Take off the green and red caps, then inject it just like Epipen. Only difference is, two caps instead of one.

Give the school two of the Twinjects. If they need a backup or second dose for some reason they can just use the second Twinject. Then they won't have to be trained to take it apart and manually inject, etc.

All you have to tell them is TWO caps, instead of ONE. It's a very simple change.


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Dec 6, 2006

Gwen, do you have a trainer for the twin ject? My allergist gave us one during our last appt. telling me that he is only prescribing twin ject---I didn't ask why, just assumed that dr. knows best. I do trust him and his judgement.

On Dec 6, 2006


Originally posted by Gwen 5: [b]I now realize that I have 12 doses of Epi! [/b]

Party at Gwen's house! [img][/img]

[i]sorry for the silliness, I just couldn't resist[/i]

I just wanted to say, I've got the twinject demonstrator, and I agree with Momcat. You don't need to worry about *double dosing* with the auto shot.

As for schools, I discussed this with the school principal and she advised that staff would give the first shot only - the auto one. They will not give the second dose. The particulars of our school and where it is located, I agree with that decision.

Edited to add: Even with the twinject the principal wants two kept at the school. One on the students *person* and one unlocked in the office.

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On Dec 10, 2006

Just an update_

I ended up bringing the twinJect's back and getting the regular Epi's.

I did not want to re-train everyone on these new devices- most people are scared at just the thought, but at least I have them all up to speed on the Epi's.

I will go to TwinJect as a last resort, if and when I have too!

On Dec 10, 2006

Gwen 5,

I agree with you that mid-year is not the best time to have to deal with re-training. If we were to ever switch to TwinJect, I'd want to do it at the beginning of the year when we can focus attention during the annual training on the differences.

Personally, I am more comfortable with Dey's EpiPen for an elementary school scenario - want to keep things as simple as possible...

Given the competition between Twinject and Dey, it will be interesting to watch to see the impact WRT medical plans. I think I saw a post here? a few months ago that said that UnitedHealthcare changed their formulary so that patients pay less if they go with TwinJect. Not sure if other insurance companies are going to follow suit...

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On Dec 11, 2006

I had to refill epis for school. My dr said twinject only from now on. So i refilled, planning to give school two of the epis I carry and keep the twinject. They gave me epi pens again. I was so relieved. It seems that everyone is really favoring the twinject (doctors, pharmacies, insurance). I kind of feel bad since DEY seems to be such a good company and has been out there for years. I've been feeling like, if it aint broke, don't fix it with the twinject. I also hate using brand new medications. I know it is the same medication inside as the epi, but the device is new. I hope it is as reliable as the epi pen seems to be and that 6 months from now we're not hearing about problems with the device.... Oh I'm just feeling so positive today. LOL

On Dec 11, 2006

Just an important reminder that as the consumer/customer it is up to you not your doctor or pharmacist to decide which you prefer. The doctor cannot dictate unless there is a medically acceptable reason and the active ingredients here are the same so that would be hard to do. A pharmacy must order in pens if you ask them to do so.