Twinject? has anyone used it yet?

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I just read an ad for the new Twinject autoinjector that holds 2 doses in one pen. just curious if anyone has tried it yet.....I might consider getting one if it is as easy to administer as the epipen, at least one to have my son carry on him...he currently carries 2 epipens to school. just curious! thanks, Jen


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On Feb 5, 2006

I have played with the Twinject trainer and watched the training video. I haven't actually used the device. You can see the instructions here:


The first dose is administered similarly to epipen. The second dose is in the removable internal syringe. I think it depends on how comfortable you are using syringes. Also, I think many people would need assistance using the second dose during a reaction. For me, that's not so much an issue since I would be using it on my child.


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On Feb 6, 2006

I had just checked the Epi that I carry for DD. Expired Dec05. I had her check the 2 she carries - Dec05 and one from 03! Good thing she's never needed to use one! While we were at the pharmacy today, we replaced the 3 of them. I asked if they carried the Twinject, asked to see one, and then explained to DD how they worked. ( I followed the links above last night) I asked her which she preferred, as they're about the same price, even tho' the Twinject has more epi. DD decide she'd rather stick with the Epi-Pen, as she didn't figure on being calm enough to use the second injection herself (she's 18) if she were 'dying' (her words). The clerk (assisstant?) asked if we had a prescription for the Epi-Pens. I said we don't need one. She had to ask someone else. Unfortunately, the cash register receipt doesn't specify WHAT we bought, so I'll have to get the store to write something out that I can use at tax time.

On Feb 7, 2006

I also got the demonstrator. We currently have epi-pens, but I figure at some point my insurance company will decide they are only going to cover one or the other - and I want to know how to use the twin-ject if that's what my insurance is willing to cover. (Buying these things for two people - I really don't want to have to pay for them all myself. [img][/img] )


I feel comfortable with the idea of the second dose in the twin-ject. You do NOT have to get air out of the needle or anything. I'm not to squeamish to poke the needle in a thigh.

I did speak to my son's principal about it though. I just wanted to let her know that at some point the twin-ject will start showing up in her school. She said they will use the first shot - but will not give the second. I'm quite OK with that. By the time a second dose is needed the ambulance should already be there. (Big city, and EMS responds very quickly to schools.)


For now, I'm sticking with epi-pen. I would like to keep with that for my son. For me, I might switch (dependent on insurance of course) because I do like the idea of having two doses in one pen.

On Feb 7, 2006

I wrote to Zoni E-BELT. They say that Twinject fits in the E-BELT.