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Hi - Has anyone heard of Twinject? It is a new alternative to the epipen. My son's allergy specialist just told me about it. It's also auto eject, but has a second dose built right into it (second dose is not auto). It is the same price as the epipen and usually has a longer shelf life. Comes with a hard protective case. I'm thinking of making the switch but would like to know if anyone out there has any information on it? My main concern is the training for all involved - teachers etc. The website is [url=""][/url]

Haven't written in a long time - so thought I better start off as a new member again.

On Dec 2, 2005

Hi Hazel, there were a few discussion about twinject when it was first released. If you do a search of the Main and Products forum you should find them.

At my son's school all teachers are trained on the use of epi-pen. I did speak to the principal about it - I wanted her to look into it [i]before[/i] any student brought it to school. The plan there will be that the teacher will only use the auto shot, but will not give the second shot. Since an ambulance should always be called, and I live in a major city that seems acceptable to me.

Right now insurance pays for my and my son's epi-pens, so I'm sticking with it. If my insurance switches and will only cover twin-ject, then I'll have to switch.


I just wanted to say, it's really nice that you remembered us and came back to let us know about this. [img][/img]