TV story on peanut-free baseball (Nationals)

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The local news station ran a nice story about a Nationals baseball game where they had a PN-free suite. Here's the link, [url=""][/url]

I wish they had talked more about WHY peanuts are a risk at baseball games. It would have been good for the public to hear about the protein in the shells being a problem, the peanut dust flying into the air when they're cracked open, etc. Nonetheless, it's a nicely done piece.

On Sep 23, 2007

I know, my hubby wants to take our son to a game and I won't let him unless they have a peanut-free section.

------------------ Kelly H

On Sep 23, 2007

That's fantastic!! That [i]was[/i] a good story, but you're right. It was missing that crucial piece that indicates WHY these kids can not sit in the standard seating sections. Too bad. [img][/img] The newscasters probably didn't know themselves; not too many people do unless they deal with any FA.

St. Louis recently got a new stadium (last year, I think--won a series in it, too...something like that [img][/img] ). I'm not sure there is a peanut-free section in it, but that's definitely something to look into.

Thanks for sharing this story with us!

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