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I watched last night and the son Sammy is allergic to peanuts. I wrote to CBS to ask that they pursue this storyline so that at least one episode be about the trials and frustrations parents go through in dealing with this allergy. I hope they can base a social situation/daycare setting/restaurant outing that will let people without food allergies understand what's involved in avoiding eg peanuts.

On Feb 5, 2002

There's a thread about this on the media board. I'm not sure the show has ever specifically dealt with what you suggested, but they have mentioned the allergy in more than one episode, so it is an ongoing thing. They did have one episode where grandma and grandpa forgot about the allergy and almost gave him peanuts. I know a lot of us have been there! They seem to do a pretty good job with it It's not the main focus, but it's always there--kind of like real life. In fact, I love the way the incorporate it into shows that are not specifically about the allergy.

On Feb 5, 2002

saw the episode and was fairly pleased with the content re pa. as mentioned, it has been on other episodes too, but was a bit of a bigger deal in last nite's episode. Better than how they handled it on King of Queens earlier this year where the kid made fun of the guy's allergy (cant remember his name, the nerdy friend of Doug had the allergy).

On Feb 6, 2002

Did anyone see a TV movie on Lifetime channel called "The Perfect Mother"? It was on a few months ago. It was about this young woman whose mother-in-law was crazy and was trying to kill her. In the end of the movie, the main character gets murdered. Towards the beginning when the crazy mother-in-law was trying to kill her, she gave the main character a dessert with peanuts knowing that the main character was allergic to peanuts. When the main character pointed this out, the solution was to scrape off the peanuts!!! I was very disturbed about this, as I feel it could wrongly convey to a PA person who is not as knowledgable about PA or to relatives, that it is actually safe to do this. Did anyone else see it?

On Feb 13, 2002

I'm addicted to Lifetime and I've actually watched that movie 2 times. I didn't know about Jacob's allergy at the time so I don't remember the scraping the nuts off part.