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Here's an idea that might work for you: because I was so frustrated with the lack of knowledge in the general public about PA, I called our local TV station and asked to speak with the health reporter. I suggested they do a story on PA, anaphylactic shock, cross-contamination, etc. And guess what!! THEY DID! A camera crew and reporter came to our house yesterday morning, interviewed me, filmed our 16 month old, and aired the story on last night's news! They added quotes from an allergist at a local hospital, and it made a great story! You could try it in your town! [img][/img]

On Aug 29, 2000

Heidi the Crusader! Way to go, Heidi what a great idea. We definitely need to become more proactive if we want to educate others who may come into contact with our children. Think of all the people you reached last night - congratulations. You go girl!

On Aug 29, 2000

Awesome! Good for you! All I kept thinking of when reading your post is how much cleaning and picking up I'd have to do if reporters were coming to my house! lol

On Aug 29, 2000

Way to go!!! I was at my son's soccer practice yesterday and the subject of allergies came up. One of the gentlemen was surprised that this whole peanut allergy thing is really a big deal... he thought it was just media hype! Keep educating and getting out the word! [img][/img]

On Aug 30, 2000

I emailed our local news about the food labeling petition and to my surprise they wanted to interview us. It was on the local news a couple of months ago. There is interest out there and I think they really want a personal story. LisaM, I did have to spend the whole week cleaning! I was exhausted by the time the interview was over!

On Sep 3, 2000

Great job "pitching" to your local TV stations! Just an FYI...tonight I watched Tom Brokaw "tease" a multi-part series on food allergies that will air on NBC News next week. I certainly hope they'll include peanut allegies in their report. This might be a good time to contact your local NBC station since they are always looking for a local "angle" to the national news reports.

On Sep 21, 2000

Well I was reading your article so I rang our national radio and I was given 15 mins yesterday on radio. It was really the "labelling" issue that i was emphasizing, so hopefully something will come out of it. When I rang them originally they were not aware of the situation at all and couldn't understand why plain bicuits and plain choc bars have a "may contain label" on them. The point I was trying to make that we have to eliminate a lot more than is really necessary. Regards