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Yesterday morning I noticed it seemed like Luci was getting a rash on her belly. Right above her belly button, mid trunk. Today is is spread to cover most of her belly, nipple to waistline area. All the pictures I tried to take didn't turn out well. It's a cluster of red spots, looks hive-ish, but also mosquito-bite-ish, just tons of small ones. Sorry I really don't know how to explain it. She wanted her shirt off, but since I took it off she doesn't seem bothered too much.

She had skin testing done on her back last Monday, she's not just not having some kind of weird reaction to that is she? I read about allergic contact dermititis and it said it can take up to 4 days after coming in contact with an allergen, but seriously she had the tiny prick of peanut oil in her back. It just seems odd.

I'm having trouble believing it's that, but I really can't think of anything else it could be. Nothing has changed as far as detergent, etc. Nothing in her diet has changed. She's not been sick, no fever, etc. Just random rash, which is unusual for her.


By Mrsdocrse on Jan 9, 2011

Hi There My thought is that it could be a virous. Last year my son had a mild runny nose... I didn't think much of it just thought he might be coming down with a cold. A few days later a rash showed up on his belly. I took him to the Dr and he said it was the end of a virous and would go away on its own. It did after a few days. My other thought is a reaction to Nickle. My son got a rash on his belly. It turned out to be from the button snap on his jeans... He is allergic to nickle. so I put a bandaid over the snap so it isn't touching his skin. No more rash. I would take her to the Dr.

By Bowlingx7 on Jan 10, 2011

Thanks for the response. I thought about a virus, I am sure that's all it was. It is still there, but very light and mostly gone. It just threw me for such a loop, timing and all. I'm just already trying to wrap my head around this new diagnosis and I feel like I am going to overanalyze every single thing now.

She never seemed bothered by it and she was never outwardly sick, even a runny nose, but that doesn't mean it wasn't some virus, especially since she seems to have one every other week.

Please tell me eventually you stop feeling like you're going to go crazy? :)

By Mrsdocrse on Jan 11, 2011

yes, you do eventually get over feeling like your crazy. I think I just started accepting that my son will have mystery hives. I don't get really freaked out anymore over a few hives. I just wipe the area if it is just one or two hives in one area incase it is from contact with peanuts. Then I give benadryl and keep a close eye on him. *sigh* what else can you do! It does get easier as they get older in some respects. Good Luck