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This is a company I have seen with products here and there when shopping. Now I cannot even recall where, but here is their brief answer. I believe it is in Germany, so maybe translation makes them be brief! I am thinking they only make gummy stuff. My question is after, as I just copied from my email page.


no we don`t produce anything with peanut


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I have a child with life threatening peanut allergy. I have seen some of your products in the USA. Do you manufacture any products with peanuts or tree nuts? Conversely, are the gummi candies made and packaged on lines that are free of peanut and tree nut production? Thankyou

On Jan 29, 2003

Hi Becca,

Thanks for the info. I have seen this company but never ate their products as I did not know if they were safe (and we have so many safe alternatives in Canada from Trebor Allan, Dare, etc).

It is great that these are made in a nut-free facility - Thanks for the info. [img][/img]

On Oct 15, 2003

raising re safe gummy worms. becca

On Oct 17, 2003

Thanks Becca! I have a cousin in Germany and I just sent her an email asking her to send an email in german to Trolli asking about this. I will let everyone know when she gets a response back!


On Oct 20, 2003

My cousin emailed Trolli and was told that they don't make anything with peanuts or other nuts at their factory in Germany. The U.S. trolli products are made there. It sound like it is safe. I will be buying them for my sons halloween party.


On Oct 22, 2003

I saw these at a local store but it was manufactured in the states. Are those safe as well?