Triple Mocha Coffee Crisp


Do any of you Canadians know if these are safe?

Dd go one in the Canada section of Epcot at Disney and enjoyed it. Nothing on the label suggests it is not OK, but I would like some thoughts from you all before I get a bunch.

Thanks! Happy New Year.

On Jan 7, 2006

Chicago, we eat these often. It's my understanding (and I may very well be wrong) that all Coffee Crisp bars, no matter what their flavour (and they have had quite a few new flavours come out) are PA safe.

Now, I did have a Coffee Crisp label sent to me from America. It was made in Canada and shipped to the U.S. What it did have on the label was sheanut oil which it does NOT have on our Canadian label of the same product.

I think with the Nestle Favourites - Aero, Coffee Crisp (regular), Mirage, Smarties, and KitKat, they might all have the "peanut free" logo on them.

The flavoured Coffee Crisp bars, I don't think that they do, but I'm fairly sure that they are made in the same facility.

erik would know better.

I just know that we buy and eat the flavoured Coffee Crisps from time to time (my favourite is the Latte [img][/img] ). But I did manage to eat two Coffee Crisp Mochas a couple of weeks ago. [img][/img]

Hope this helps.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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On Jan 7, 2006

Chicago, I checked [url=""][/url] From what I could tell, all of the flavoured Coffee Crisps are covered under the "peanut free" umbrella. The only one of the Favourites chocolate bars that isn't, and very clearly, is KitKat which has a pb version. If you click on the "peanut free" part it also talks about the introduction of the peanut line of Smarties as well.

I think it would be really clear on their website or on the label of the chocolate bar if this flavour was not safe, just from Nestle's committment to all of their consumers.

Hope this helps. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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