Trip to the ER today


My son had a reaction after lunch today. We were home, and he ate the usual fare. About 30 minutes after eating, he started "that cough" - we all know "that cough"!! It got worse a little at a time for about 15 minutes (obviously, not sure it was a reaction at this point), then the scratching started around the neck - I gave him Benadryl and we were off to the ER (we live 10-15 minutes away). The Dr. gave him Prednisone and said to continue the Benadryl for a couple days.

Thankfully, everything seems to be okay now. It'll be a long night, I'm sure, but so far, so good.

Just wanted to share because the foods we ate for lunch were foods we have eaten for years with no problems: OreIda french fries (yes, I know about the CC issue here, but we have never had a problem, and when I called I was told that these fries were made in a "safe" environment), chicken chunks, and an apple, with chocolate milk (NesQuik - safe). Obviously, something was contaminated, and while I'd like to know exactly what, right now I'm just glad my son is okay.

Thanks for being here!! Tammy

On Feb 26, 2002

Sorry to hear about your son's reaction. I know only too well how scary it can be. Sounds like you handled it very well. I hope you get a little sleep tonight. My thoughts are with you.

On Feb 27, 2002


Thanks! Everything went well last night, and so far, so good this morning. Whew!

Take care, Tammy

On Feb 27, 2002

Tammy, glad your son is doing well today. The mystery reactions are scary.


On Feb 27, 2002

Wonder if it could have been the milk... I know sometimes they feed cows peanut products. Recently Logan has started to refuse the brand of milk I buy - he will drink other brands though, so I wonder...

Glad things are better now! Rebekah

P.S. We did switch brands [img][/img]

On Feb 28, 2002

Lam, Chris can not eat apples for some reason they make him ill. He looks at an apple and gets that sick feeling. Is there a chance of that with your son. His reaction is different than that of the Nuts,but he gets a really bad headache and stuffed up feeling. Bad cramps and is right in bed. He has not had apples in a really long time but when he was a baby I know I gave him applesauce. Take care claire

On Feb 28, 2002


Sorry to hear about son.

What is your gut feeling on the foods, if any, concerning which one was the culprit for his reaction. I remember when Rhonda started the OreIda thread she said something about how her child wouldn't eat it and that was a clue for her. Looking back over the last few months, I will add my own son developed a certain cough after we had our "lazy" meal of OreIda fries and turkey burgers on buns. I watched him carefully just to be on the safe side because we had always eaten OreIda's before. At the time I thought the cough could be anything--I just didn't know so I just watched him very carefully for any further signs of a reaction. Nothing else happened. He, too, like Rhonda's child did not particularly care for the taste of the fries anymore either. So when she started the thread, I was very interested. Of course, after switching to McCain's fries, he still claims he doesn't like fries right now.

Do you feel it could be the apple? They sell peanuts in the produce section of our store so I'm very careful to wash any produce with soap and water. With my luck, grocery store clerks probably go from peanuts to apples.

What brand of chicken chunks do you buy? Have you been buying the same chicken for years like the OreIda products?

I'm glad your son is better. What a scare.

On Feb 28, 2002

Good morning, Everyone!

rebekahc, Thanks for the milk suggestion, but I'm certain it wasn't that - certain as I can be anyway. We've never had any milk problems, and he drank the same milk all day and days before. He had problems when he was 1yo - we had to put him on formula for awhile until he would drink regular milk. I suspect he was mildly allergic or at least sensitive back then, but no problems now. Thanks for the good wishes!!

Claire, I have been wondering about the apple - I know there hav been many posts here about kids reacting to apple peel. I always wash our fruits and veggies really well before we eat them, but I guess it's still possible there could have been something on the apple. We bought a 5lb. bag - red delicious. I'll be giving him another apple today at lunch time. I hope we don't have another scare, but if we do, I'll be pretty sure it was from the apple.

ryan's mom, My gut feeling is the chicken chunks. We bought a box awhile ago, and had eaten from it a few times with no problem - aside from our son not liking them very much. Clue #1!! I admit that I didn't call the company when we bought the chicken chunks (West Liberty Foods, West Liberty, IA). I called after the ER trip, but haven't gotten a response back yet. I'm going to call again today. The box was very well labeled, meaning the oils were listed, etc. There was no "may contain" statement. This is where the "comfort zone" thing gets difficult. Sometimes we call, sometimes not. I'm glad your son's cough didn't progress into anything after the OreIda fries. I would make note of it, though. (As you have. [img][/img] ) It could have been from the apple, I guess. We'll have another today - but that's not conclusive either, of course. Oh well. Thanks for your message!!

Take care, All! Tammy

On Feb 28, 2002

My son used to eat apples all the time and then suddenly didn't want them anymore. He gets an itchy mouth and throat from them. He can however eat cooked apples and applesauce with no problems.

On Mar 4, 2002


The apple was the first thing our allergist asked about, but after my telling her that he's never had a problem with any apples, and that he had since eaten out of the same bag with no problem, she said she doubts that was it.

I finally received word back from West Liberty Foods about the chicken nuggets. I'm a bit befuddled by their answers, though.

Here is the first response:

West Liberty Foods PO 318 West Liberty, Iowa 52776

March 1, 2002

Tammy James RR2 Box 87 New Cumberland, WV 26047

Dear Ms. James,

In regard to your 2-28-02 request for information regarding chicken nuggets produced by West Liberty Foods and sold through Wal-Mart I can provide the following information.

Ingredients used in manufacturing this product are all USDA approved. The ingredient listing on the box identifies all ingredients found in the product. Items identified such as

On Mar 4, 2002

Since I'm feeling a bit what's the word I'm looking for "pissy" today after my (as usual) fruitless trip the grocery store, I'll comment: Linda needs to work on her communication skills. Didn't she get the memo that lawyers are supposed to be using plain english now?

On Mar 5, 2002

Can Linda say, "Double-Speak"?

Amy (who is also feeling rather "pissy" today re PA for reasons that will posted separately, later, when I have more info to pass on)

On Mar 13, 2002

Well, after all this, I have to say that I'm leaning very strongly toward my son's reaction being from his medic alert bracelet. Sounds far-fetched, I know, but it follows right along with his Huggies experience. I just really have a strong gut feeling about this.

We may have to order another bracelet to find out what was on it. We haven't decided to do that yet, though. I've contacted medic alert about it but haven't heard back - I doubt I will.

I just wanted to update our situation.

Have a great day! Tammy