Trip to Italy, France and the UK - honeymoon trip

Posted on: Mon, 10/03/2005 - 8:42am
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I'm back! I just spent 23 days (Sept 9 to Oct 2) on my honeymoon. We visited Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), Switzerland (Bern), France (Paris) and the UK (London). It was GREAT!

As you can see, my peanut allergy has never prevented me from travelling around the world.

We flew to Rome on Air Canada and flew home from London on Air Canada. Air Canada does not serve peanuts so nothing to worry about.

I did not eat the regular meals as they can't guarantee they are peanut-free, so I ordered the fruit meal as I usually do. Had oranges, fruit cocktail, fruit yogurt, fruit juice, etc. We flew on a Boeing 767-300 and an Airbus 340-300.

We travelled through Europe on trains. The trains in Europe are very nice.. modern, and high speed. We brought our own food to eat on the trains (although they were usually short journies of about 3 hours between cities).

It was easy to travel in Europe with PA. In Italy, they rarely use peanuts. I ate pizza, pasta, etc. No one seemed to use peanut oil (mainly olive oil, with some sunflower oil too). I ate lots of gelato in Italy. I am only PA so the gelato was fine for me (and very delicious), although if you are allergic to tree nuts, you would want to skip the gelato since theye have hazelnut and pistacio flavours and cross contamination can occur.

In Paris, there was one restaurant that used peanut oil so we had to go elsewhere (French food). I ate roast salmon and potatos in Montmartre district of Paris (very tasty!), and we also ate a lot of crepes (I had the crepes with jam.. usually raspberry or apricot jam). We ate crossiants each day for breakfast along with juice. I also ate pizza in Paris and had gyros one night.

In London, I also had no problems. I ate Japanese food one night, Chinese/Japanese food another night, and gourmet burgers the third night.

Regarding chocolate, there were several options:

Kit Kat Chunky from the UK (it is safe) was available everywhere. Most of the stores carried it. As well, I was able to eat my first TWIX bars in over 15 years!!!!!! The Twix in Europe are 'may contain hazelnut and almond traces' so I was able to eat them since I am PA only!! IT was great to enjoy my first TWIX bars in over a decade... I trust the labelling for MARS (Masterfoods). Unfortunately, the Mars bar had 'may contain traces of peanuts' so I couldn't eat it, but there were safe Bounty bars.

In England, there is TONS of safe chocolate. Many varieties of AERO (regular, mint, caramel, Irish Cream, Toffee, etc), Kit Kat (regular, white, dark, mint, oarnge, etc), and Smarties. PLus After Eight Mints, Rowntree fruit pastilles, Rowntree Jelly Tots (not safe in Canada but they are safe in the UK), etc. I brought home some Aero Irish Cream, Kit Kat Mint, etc...

Even the Kit Kat Chunky Caramel is safe in the UK (not safe in Canada).

It was a wonderful honeymoon trip. We had a great time! I will post a few photos in this thread in the future once I have some time to upload them. As you can see, even though I have PA this never stops me from travelling and living a normal life. [img][/img]

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