Trip to Aruba


Hi. I am a peanut, tree-nut allergic individual, and I am going on a trip next week to Aruba. I have done my research about hospitals, emergency systems, etc, but I am wondering if anyone out there has advice? Or been there? As with anyplace that I travel, I am a bit nervous. Thanks!

On Jun 5, 2001

I don't know if I can be of much help to you. On my honeymoon, I wound up in the hospital in Aruba from food intolerance (not an allergy and not food poisoning) to the Grouper (this was WAY before my son was born and I even knew there was such a thing as PA). The doctor gave me a bunch of medicines and then said "why don't I save you a trip to the front office by taking your cash now". Nieve little newleyweds we were, we paid him. Wasn't until we got back to the resort that we found out Aruba has free health care an no one is supposed to be charged. [img][/img] The medicines worked and I was able to continue enjoying my honeymoon. I ended up sick only one day.

I'll be interested in how your experience is there. My in-laws own time share there and want us to bring the baby there in the worst way.

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On Jun 5, 2001

There is free health care even if you don't live there? Wow!

On Jun 5, 2001

We just got back from a cruise and spent a day in Aruba. We didn't eat any of the food there but did actually visit a grocery store. There were a lot of peanut products being sold there.

I think if you stick to the resorts you will probably have a better chance. We rented a car there and took a tour of the island and went to Baby Beach.

If you rent a car, beware of the gas stations as several tourists were complaining that they were overcharged or had to pay twice for their gas.

Enjoy your trip!

On Jun 5, 2001

Oh, speaking of which...their taxi cabs charge a flat rate (at least they did in 1995 when I was there). We couldn't figure out why we were getting charged a different amount every time we went into town and back...turns out the taxi drivers figure in their own tips, then we were tipping them on top of that.

On Jun 19, 2001

Thanks for all of your help! I got back from Aruba this past weekend, and had a great time, without a single incident! Everyone spoke and understood english very well. Surprisingly, almost all the waiters knew what was in every dish! I take a card with me to restaurants that explains what I cannot eat. In the US, the wait staff always takes it to show to a chef/manager. Down there however, they all just asked me questions and told me what was in the foods.

Hooray! I am so happy to have taken this fabulous trip without problem.