Tree nuts being thrown at school


My severely peanut and tree nut allergic third grader informed me that during recess outside several kids were throwing a few varieties of tree nuts that had fallen to the ground on the playground. Has anyone ever heard of having an allergic reaction to these type of nonedible nuts by being around them outside? They were acorns, walnut looking things, and larger greenish ones. BTW: my son becomes very ill to even the smell of peanut butter. Thanks!

By robyn on Sep 16, 2011

That's an interesting question. We avoid those just like we do other tree nuts (don't touch or get near them, etc). I would be interested to know if there ever has been a reaction to these as well.

How scary for your son! Did he tell a teacher or a recess aide? Aside from the tree nut issue, they shouldn't be throwing things on the playground. This poses a danger on multiple levels. :(

By Busymomof3 on Sep 16, 2011

Yes, he told his teacher & now a teacher is posted near the woodsy area to prevent this. But my other son who is older said his some of his classmates had their pockets full of these nuts. Different grade & different recess times but still not a cool thing to be doing!

By robyn on Sep 16, 2011

I'm sorry. That's awful you guys have to worry about that, too. Thankfully it's typically only an issue in the fall when those things are in season. If you're really concerned you could ask your allergist. If it really is something to be concerned about you could talk to the principal. I wonder if the janitors could try to pick them up?