Treating a Severe Reaction without ER Room - What If?

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I am very happy to have found this board. I'm 27 and I've been guilty of letting my allergy control my travel plans for too long. In deciding to finally step up and travel I am wondering about treatment. Most sites say "Take your epipen and go to the ER".

But what do they do in the ER? What medicine or solutions are given?

If you were on an airplane, isolated island, or just a 3rd world country, how would you prepare to have everything you needed to recover from a reaction?

My default assumption is a lot of benedryl and epipen, what else?

Is there anything to be taken to lower effects? I've heard something about activated charcoal, and I've also heard to take claratin daily as well. Thoughts?

By peanutskill on Jan 5, 2012

I would say it all depends on what the reaction develops into. My daughter had a reaction once, gave benedryl, gave epi a little bit later and went to doctors office. They administered epi and we sat in the doc office to be observed for 4 hours. The next exposure she had to have IV epi a whole slew of drugs, intubation, and almost had to be put on a heart lung bypass machine because the CO2 levels in her blood were astronomical. So its your call as an adult. I dont know what I would do. I see things different from adults than children. I tell my daughter to steer clear of people eating peanut containing items, where as a NURSE at my hospital that is allergic to peanuts pretty bad has no problem with her throat getting scratchy from sitting next to someone eating chinese with peanuts. Go figure.