travelling to Universal Orlando


Next month, we are spending part of spring break at Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure. Does anybody have any good suggestions of places to eat at? I'm scared to take our son around other kids eating peanut butter, and I know this menu choice is available at some locations. We are staying at the Royal Pacific Resort. Any restaurants there? Citywalk? Thanks in advance for your help!

On Mar 19, 2008

I know this probably won't help much, but I just called Universal and you absolutely can not bring in food or drink other than bottled water. According to the girl I spoke with, food allergies are no exception even with a doctor's letter! I am very surprised by this info.

However, she was going to connect me with the person to talk with about restaurants, but they were gone for the day. She asked that I call back tomorrow. So, I'm sure they will tell you if you call them. However, I find it not very allergy friendly! Tina

On Mar 20, 2008

Thanks for your quick response! I called the guest service number today and they said we can bring stuff in, as long as it's in a soft cooler, not hard. Maybe it depends on who you speak with. But it's our kids' rights, according to ADA. This is their disability and safe food is their right. That's the way I look at it. They better not argue with me when I'm their bringing in safe alternatives for him, especially desserts, which you know are all pretty much unsafe for our kids inside the theme parks. I wish they had Divvies like Disney! Does anybody know if they do?

On Apr 8, 2008

Carrie, I think I will call again and see what they tell me! I wish I had logged on earlier and seen your post. I would have already called. I'll post my second response.

I agree with you fully! Thanks! Tina

On Apr 9, 2008

we didnt think much of universal, just stuck to fries, and hotdog. evening meal , more difficult,plain pizza , after long chat with waiters, and kitchen.

massively dissapointing when compared to disney.

On Apr 10, 2008

I talked to my husband and he thinks we'll stick to just the Disney parks for now. He's afraid we'll run out of time to book too much, so I guess we'll just take a wait and see approach.

Thanks williamsmummy for the info! Tina

On Apr 10, 2008

you shouldnt let it stop you from going, we did sneak some snacks in a pocket for william. But we always do that.

what other allergies are you dealing with?

we are dealing with peanut/all beans/ yeast extract/ kiwi fruit ( food wise , have severe other environmental ones)

Have to say that wouldnt want to spend more than one day in universal, dont get me wrong it was fun, but one day is enough.

even for my teen boys, they agreed , universal for one day, but disney for three!!!

On Apr 16, 2008

Williamsmummy, We are more interested in Kennedy Space Center. I got an e-mail from them and it said that they couldn't guarantee the safety of the restaurants (I figure the person did not check), but we could bring in a small, soft cooler with food. So, that's a relief!

Now, I just need to search and see what to do about the epi-pens and the heat.