Travelling to France


Marcia, I just happened upon this forum while looking for anything that would help us prepare for our upcoming family trip to France. Its very disconcerting to find that they use peanut products so frequently. I have sent for the card from the UK that is written in French, as well as the travel brochure from the Food Allergy Network. I'm hoping they both come in time. It sounds as if even with taking all the right precautions though, there is still a big risk. My son is 15, has very limited food likes, (french fries, bread, croissants, rice, chicken, bagels, cheese, fish, and the occasional vegetable and fruit). He won't eat anything now with a sauce or anything mixed in with anything! Frustrating when I'm trying to put interesting meals on the table at home, but may, in fact, be a lifesaver for him elsewhere. What information can you offer me to diminish the risk when we're in France? I'll be happy to share with you whatever I learn when we're there.