Traveling to Borneo with a Peanut Allergy - Peanut Allergy Information

Traveling to Borneo with a Peanut Allergy

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My wife and I are considering traveling to Borneo, but I have a very serious peanut allergy. We are planning on staying in Sabah at a higher-end hotel/resort in order to better manage the foods I eat while there. I will also have a handy EpiPen always within reach. Please share with us any advice you have for traveling in Borneo and avoiding peanuts. We are looking for suggestions on tours and places to stay that will take this allergy seriously and work with us to make sure our stay is as safe as possible. We plan to travel outside of the resort/hotel to the jungle and other areas. I'd very much love to see this beautiful part of the world and I don't want my allergy to prevent my wife and I from having this experience. Thanks in advance for help.