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I would like to know if anyone has travelled to the Mayan Riviera with peanut/nut allergy adult or child. My adult son has peanut/nut allergy and we want to go there next month. Has anyone gone there? Has anyone stayed at any of the resorts? Has anyone stayed at an all inclusive resort there? Has anyone stayed at the Sandos Playacar or the Grand Sirenis? I would be appreciative to hear back from anyone with any information as soon as possible. Thank you.


On Dec 12, 2006

I lived in Mexico 2.5 years. I would tell you to be VERY careful. Nuts are everywhere (chocolate, sauces for fish and chicken, street vendors, etc). Also, the culture there is different. If they don't know ingredients, they would just as soon tell you NO,there aren't any nuts, as tell you they DON'T KNOW...because they don't want you to worry.

I would NOT stay at a Mexican resort. I would stay at a US upscale chain that had expatriates working there. I would also search this site for the chef cards in Spanish so you can accurately communicate the allergy.

I would suggest staying at the JW Marriot or the Marriot Casa Magna (stayed at the Casa was gorgeous...although I think it was damaged significantly last year in a hurricane).

Sorry to be so negative...but we have considered going to visit friends...and I am very anxious about it...especially since health care isn't as good down there, either (at least not in the Maya peninsula...if you were in Mexico City, the care would be better than in most US cities, as up to 50% of US Drs. do at least some of their training in DF or Guadalahara Mexico).

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On Jan 3, 2007

Bumping--and sorry I didn't see this earlier, but there are good points here.

On Mar 22, 2007

Stayed at Mayan Riv with PA daughter this year. There were peanuts around - my aunt stayed at Iberostar and said that there were open bowls of peanuts in the room. We stayed at Gran Bahia and they wrote us a letter to the chefs and they assisted us at the buffet - there were items with peanuts on the buffet - so like anywhere you need to watch for cross contamination. The chefs did offer to make her her own meal, even at the buffet. My daughter did have a reaction - we think to some granola with peanuts spilled into the french fries on the buffet, but was okay. I would comment on the statement regarding the medical care. Both my children went to the hospital on this trip and the care that they received was very good. This was the private hospital - chain Hospiten - where several doctors spoke English and there were people there to translate, even in the middle of the night. Just bring a credit card and your insurance papers....

On Apr 16, 2007

Reraising for Gwen5

Also, we've taken DS to Cozumel twice and stayed at resorts. We were careful, nervous, and we took our list of spanish questions--I'll reraise. We also took snack food for him.

On May 1, 2007

Hi, We just came back from the Gran Bahia Principe akumal with our pa son and I just wanted to let you know that the service we received was amazing.We were very careful and nervous but everything went well.The hotel gave us a letter to show the manager of the restaurants we ate at and they took great care of us.I packed snacks from home but did'nt use much of them so don't bring too much!Hope you have a great trip.