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We are travelling to Italy next month for a wedding. We are flying with Alitalia and staying with family. If you have any suggestions or experiences you can share, we would appreciate it. Good and bad! My 7 year old PA daughter has been there at 11 months old, before we knew about the PA allergy. And before I knew I should be concerned about the entire plane eating their bags of peanuts***********including my husband and I while holding her! Thanks.

On May 18, 2007

Hi Dani's Mom,

I was in Italy about 6 months before I was diagnosed with PA. At the time, I was having major GI symptoms but didn't know that peanuts were the cause.

Obviously I didn't know to avoid peanut products while there, but I didn't get sick while there - which tells me that Italy is a pretty safe place with those of us with PA.

I was there for three weeks with no problems.

On May 18, 2007

We were in Italy with then 11 year old PA TNA dd. We were in Rome, Florence and around in Northern Italy.

I would get or make (if you make your own laminate it and/or print multiple copies) a card with the necessary Italian phrases on it. We use [url=""][/url] You can see examples at their web, but it is the obvious "Does this have XX" "I cannot eat XXX" Even if you speak Italian to them and explain, the waiters took the card very seriously and can take it back to the chef etc.. Also, it avoids them misunderstanding you or your accent. I really would never travel with dd or have her travel to a non English speaking area without one.

I would say it in general in the areas we travelled, tree nuts were more around then peanuts.

On May 24, 2007

My nut-allergic daughter is studying in Florence this summer and is finding it difficult to select safe food. She has the allergy cards printed in Italian but mostly gets the response of "you can't eat this". Can anyone help with translations of ingredient lists on packaged foods or any other safe food ideas? She will also check with her school advisor for help. Thanks, Janet Mc

On May 26, 2007

I can probably help you with the ingredient lists from italian to English, although I've got some Barese dialect-influencees, I should be able to do just fine.

My parents were back in Italy (small town called Gravina which is where we're from, its essentially "on the heel of the boot" and they also visited Rome)... For my sake, they were observant about nuts (they want me to visit there [img][/img] and said they literally didn't see a peanut while they were there. However, in the area they stayed with family, it is not very commercial and much more tradtionally/rustically Italian-- they were convinced that avoiding nuts would be ridiculously easy in that area. There are a lot of nuts in Italian desserts though, and I probably wouldn't buy many packaged things there.

On Jun 15, 2007

We went to Italy two summers ago with my PA son. WE went on Alitalia which is supposed to be Peanut free. There was alot of confusion about it on their part but in the end the flights were Peanut free. We even had alot of glitches and planes were cancelled and connections missed but we got through ). I can't say the the employees of Alitalia were especially east to deal with but it worked out just fine. We had a card with the information about the allergy in Italian that was very well received everywhere we went and we did fine in all of the restaurants.