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Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2001 - 10:11pm
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pOur family will be visiting Holland this summer. One reason why we've chosen it is that there should be less language difficulty when we ask about food allergies. Does anyone out there know anything about labelling in Holland or the level of awareness about food allergy there?/p

Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2001 - 10:59pm
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You are certainly right about the fact that there won't be much of a language problem visiting Holland (lots of people over here speak very well english). But I wouldn't be so confident about the awareness of people concerning allergies, especially PA. Having a PA daughter, it often takes me quite a lot of explaining (IN DUTCH!) when eating out or visiting people!
Labeling however is pretty good, and according to EEC-laws.
Have a nice trip, but be aware!

Posted on: Wed, 03/21/2001 - 1:14pm
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We have family in Holland (Hanneke-a few in Cappelle a/d Ijssel!), and I would say that there is good news and bad news. There is not any great level of awareness there, but there are less peanuts, more hazelnuts and tree nuts. Of course avoid all Indonesian food (peanut sauce on everything).
We have been told to avoid all candy with EEC labeling because there is a small margin of error allowed for other ingredients (if that info. is wrong someone set me straight because we are avoiding a lot of Droste). I know that somewhere I have seen "traveling with food allergy information", and I am pretty sure it was FAAN. If I go to Holland again I would want to have somebody in Holland giving me my information, and while most everyone there speaks great English, I would not leave anything open to a translation problem!!
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Posted on: Thu, 03/22/2001 - 12:12am
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The Dutch really love licorice. They use the real licorice root in the candy which is on the avoid list for the peanut allergic. Be especially wary of something called "double salt". It is a very strong black licorice.
I have avoided european candy in general for my child. They use a lot of nuts in the chocolate and truffles, and do not seem to have a "may contain" or "produced in the same facility" warning on anything.

Posted on: Thu, 03/22/2001 - 1:08am
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I also avoid all continental chocolates, and wouldn't you know it, but they always look soooo good! They seem to use praline in everything [img][/img].
I stick to made in UK or Ireland chocolate.

Posted on: Fri, 03/23/2001 - 7:14am
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I didn't know that liquorice was off the menu for people with peanut allergy. Why is this? I don't think my son has eaten it yet but a dutch friend has been telling me all about the wonderful liquorice in Holland. Next time I see her I will ask about the peanuts. I do know that almonds and hazelnuts are popular in Holland and if it is like the UK they are in so many cakes and biscuits.

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