Travel to France w/ Peanut Allergy - Peanut Allergy Information

Travel to France w/ Peanut Allergy

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I am headed to Paris this summer (with a peanut allergy), and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips/advice on how to handle my allergy abroad. I'm very apprehensive/nervous about doing this, so any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

On May 26, 2008

Good for you! I can't really give you a lot of advice because I haven't been to France. But I do know someone that just came back from a vacation there for a few weeks with a peanut allergy. If you do not speak fluentently I suggest those allergy cards that explain your allergy. They siad they were fine and found plenty of places to eat.

good luck!

On May 26, 2008

Thanks! I have heard about the allergy cards, and plan to get one. Does anyone have any information on the peanut/lupine allergy issue?

On May 27, 2008

have been to france quite a few times with my family, have one multiple allergic child.

From nov 05 12 major allergens have to be labeled in a seperate 'allergy box' in the EU.

peanut is one of them, as well as , tree nuts eggs milk celery seeds fish shellfish sulphates wheat I cant remember the other two at the moment ..............i will later,.....its really bugging me...........,(sigh)

as for lupine and kiwi they are going to be labeled after nov 08

I have seem lupine labeled along with nuts quite frequently in supermarkets, and of course lupine is more commonly found in the bakery section/cakes/cookies. we have always been able to find a safe alternative.

lots of sites do the translation cards, and I suggest that you buy a good english /french translation /phrasebook,e.g, the 'lonely planet' has sections in for explaining allergies.

There is some awareness of peanut causeing allergies, but the french have a problem themselves mainly with celery and celeriac.

We have used the translation cards in resturants many times, and have never had a problem getting a safe meal for our son. Much of the rules you use to get food in your country ( where ever you are, I am in UK) are the same world wide.

relax, kick of your shoes,try a sip of wine or too, or try something stronger, ( calvados..........hmmmmmmmmmmmm) eat some cheese, chilllllllllllll.............. there is a fab time for all in france!!

we have also been to italy as USA before and had a fab time, this year we are going to am investigating spanish food before we go! tappas here we come!!

On May 27, 2008

Thank you so much for the information, and the reminder to relax! I will definitely be trying the wine!!

By cr03 on Jan 12, 2013

avoid anything baked i almost died once

wile in Paris be cause of a peace of cake

that i was told had no nuts