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Hi...does anyone have any recommendations for a good airline to fly over to France? Or what their experience might be on AirFrance? I have one son with peanut allergies (age 1) and another with tree nut allergies (age 4). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

On Mar 25, 2007

We are flying United when we travel to Europe, they are allegedly a no-peanut airline. I will bring a face mask, a lightweight shawl (to throw over PA person if necessary) and of course, wipes for the seats, because my experience has been people will bring their OWN nuts onboard (and the flight attendants will dither and shake their little manicured hands and say they can't do anything about it).

On Mar 25, 2007

I flew on AirFrance two years ago and had a good experience. I called them ahead of time and told them about my allergy, and they had a peanut free flight. I didn't eat the meal that was served, but just brought my own food during the flight. Good luck!

On Mar 25, 2007

Hi Pebblesxx, This past summer, I flew American Airlines to Paris. It was a great flight. I ate only my own food on board. I was traveling with a friend with celiac. She orderd a gluten free meal - which I wish I had ordered as it had some safe, labeled food in it, such as Yoplait yogurt.

On the return flight, a passenger a row or two ahead of me was munching on what looked like a pound of peanuts in a bag. I was fine though - no problems.

I was there for three weeks. If you need any info on eating in restaurants or grocery shopping, let me know. Adele

On Mar 25, 2007

British Airways. We had a good flight.

------------------ mom to Ari(6) - severe nut allergies, asthma, you name it - and Maya (9), mild excema