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hi all!

I've been looking for that IM Healthy brand of soynut butter and cannot find it anywhere in Tucson. While I was in Trader Joe's today, I looked at their soynut butter for the heck of it. The crunchy style is labeled "NO PEANUTS" and also has an allergen warning: This product is made in a peanut and treenut free facility. One has to wonder, is IM Healthy their supplier? BUT - the crazy thing is that the smooth soynut butter, also is labeled "NO PEANUTS" but does not have the allergen warning about the facility.

SO - I called Trader Joes customer service. The woman was so incredibly helpful. We chatted a bit about the peanut allergy, that I am a frequent visitor of, that there is a market for people looking for a peanut/tree nut free facility for soynut butter. She is checking into the smooth kind for me and realizes the allergy is very serious. So, if she finds that the smooth soynut butter is made at the same place as regular peanut butter...then she will put forward an urgent labeleing notice to get it changed. She could not tell me (their private contract deal-eo) if the same supplier made both butters, but she thought not.

So - I will keep everyone updated! Please post if you have info or insights!

Adrienne :-)

------------------ 30-year old survivor of sever peanut/tree nut allergy

On May 3, 2005

I saw soynut butter at a clemens in Harleysville, PA, may try it. was so excited to see it!! also, Hennings, in harleysville, pa has soynuts.

On May 4, 2005

Can I have the number for Trader Joe's Customer Service line? I would LOVE to have it since we frequent often!

On May 4, 2005

hi again!

thanks for your comments :-) I think today I am ready to try the soynut butter...the "fear" is just so irrational on a logical level (I'm not allergic to soybeans, it's peanut/nut free...)

Anyhoot - here is the Trader Joe's number - it's the card they gave me in Tucson: (626) 599-3817 They told me here that you can call collect and they'll accept the call.

As far as the smooth soynut butter...I received a spectacular call back, the crunchy and the smooth TJ's Soynut Butter are made in a PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE FACILITY :-)

So...I'm thinking that the IM Healthy brand is their supplier :-)

The customer service rep is putting through a request to change the labeling on the smooth soynut butter to reflect the safe facility.

Another note: she said that ANYTIME they change suppliers for their label it goes to quality assurance where they test it and do all their jazz, research labeling, ingredients, etc. She claims they are very aware of food allergies (milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts) and those are researched for the product. She herself was very knowledgement about the "shared line" problem.

So, everyone, check your labels for the TJ's brand Soynut's peanut/treenut free! Adrienne

------------------ 30-year old survivor of sever peanut/tree nut allergy

On May 4, 2005

I have been serving the smoothe TJ's Soy Butter to my dd for a long time.

I used to remember that it was labeled"made in a peanut/tree nut free facility"

You are3 right, the last jar I bought just said "Contains NO peanuts"

We have never had any problems- I find their labeling to be pretty good!

Glad you called them and are urging them to be more specific!!

On May 4, 2005

We have used TJ's soynut butter for 4+ years, ever since we needed to give up PB, really.

You really do need to call on Trader Joe's items, however, as some do not label for may contain, and then I found they were(the schoolbook cookies, for example are made on shared equipment last I asked).

I was told the Mac and Cheese is Annie's(the blue box of white cheddar kind, at least). It was on the sly, by a manager, but Annie's is safe from cross contamination. becca

On May 20, 2005

I have spoken to IM healthy; and tho' the rep didn't want to give the info, she did admit that they are the Tr. Joe's supplier, as she realized it was important for me to feel safe; She was really kind and helpful. The product costs so much less at TJ's !

On May 22, 2005


Originally posted by ajgauthier: [b] The crunchy style is labeled "NO PEANUTS" and also has an allergen warning: This product is made in a peanut and treenut free facility.[/b]

ALWAYS read the labels. I went to Trader Joes yesterday to buy this crunchy soy butter and it was labeled "made in a facility containing peanuts." It expired in May 2006. I am in Ohio. The creamy version did not say "may contain," but it was NOT labeled peanut-free either.


On May 26, 2005

TJ's sunflower seed butter is also made by Sunbutter and is nut-safe. They also have Rudi's Organic bread (nut safe) under their labeling --the packaging looks similar, so I asked and it was confirmed. They are not consistent in their "may conain" labeling, though -- so definately call about any other products, and post here!

On May 26, 2005

The sunflower seed butter is delicious! I baked cookies with it today and it worked perfectly.

Jaime [img][/img]

On May 29, 2005

Does anyone know if Frieda's soynuts are safe for TNA. it says peanut free facility but nothing about tree nuts.