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Just a "fyi" that I have spoke to many team members at TJ's and their labeling standards for theith own private label, "TraderJoes" are really descriptive. I feel safe using their products.

On Mar 17, 2008

I love love love TJs. We shop there at least 2x a month. My son is PA only so we usually pick up the following:

Frozen pasta (cheese gnocchi is great--TA warning) Chocolate crossiants (very rich, but great for special occassions-TA warning) Potato pancakes Frozen dover sole Frozen meatballs (great for quick spagetti and meatball dinner) Organic frozen jasmine rice Frozen naan and packaged indian (has manufactured in a facility PA warning--only hubby and I eat this) Chocolate frozen Bon-bons (do have a TA warning) Cheese pizzas Sunbutter Juice Milk Pluega butter (more expensive than regular butter, but much richer and great for baking) Cheese and wine (for entertaining) Flowers--cheapest in town, and the best.

On Mar 17, 2008

corinne - have you tried their par-baked artisan breads (im sure they have warnings, but i havent had it in awhile and my son cant eat it yet anyways!).. but those breads fresh out of the oven with the pluegria butter... YUM!

i am in love with TJ's! the juices rock my socks off, my son loooooves the samples and i feel they do a GREAT job labeling, and ive spoken with a ton of ppl from there about it, if they think it could be a problem, they ensure they label for it, and i think thats excellent! the sun and soynut butters are yummy too! my little man loves the frozen mini chicken tacos with the chunky medium salsa is one of his fave lunches!