Touch and Smell


Hello to all my follow adult PAs!

Just wondering how many of you are touch and smell sensitive? I personally have not had a reaction from smell or touch. I know as I get older that I panic more if I a bowl of peanuts are in the room, however, I do not have a reaction.

I know by reading a lot of the other threads that many of the children have the touch/smell sensitivity, but was wondering if many of us adults had this same problem.

One reason I bring this up is due to the huge success of Bath and Body work products. Or even makeup! I have never in my 27 years read the label for my makeup or lotion. Of course, I do now but have any of you experienced a reaction from wearing makeup or lotions that had peanut oil?

Thanks everyone, Melanie

On Apr 10, 2001

I am 61 and touch and smell sensitive. In fact, I can sniff out nuts and peanuts like crazy. This trait really drives my husband bananas, because back in the days when he would smuggle in nuts to eat when I was upstairs in bed, I always caught him. Fortunately, now he "gets" it after having seen me in shock a few times.

I am very careful about wearing makeup (as best as one can be with their strange labeling) and about using anything on my skin. I read every label, and do not use items with fragrance. Sometimes nut products are used to make the fragrance, and I just won't take the chance.

As some may have mentioned, my nut and peanut allergies just get worse and worse, so I get more and more careful.


On Apr 10, 2001

I am very touch and smell sensitive to peanuts but haven't had the same experiences with tree nuts. I don't know if my ingestion sensitivity has increased over the years, but I know my exposure sensitivity keeps getting worse. I have only reacted to about 3 cosmetic/body products over the years but I tend to stick with pretty plain jane stuff instead of all the fancy stuff out there. I confess I never read those type labels until recently. I do always have problems after my hair stylist uses Aveda products on me (blisters on my scalp and itching for days). I've never investigated what causes these reactions I just make him use other stuff.

My mother never believed me that I was smell sensitive. Finally, in high school I figured out that some days when I got home after school my throat would begin to itch. Those days were the days my mother ate PB for lunch. I started to tell her as soon as I walked in the house if she'd had it for lunch hours before and she finally believed me LOL!


On Apr 11, 2001

I'm not smell sensitive at all, I can be around people eating pn from packets etc, but I don't know about being around people cooking with pn/pb/pn oil.

As for touch sensitive, I guess I am. My last contact reation was when I went out with an ex boyfriend who had a goatee. He'd washed with shampoo that had almond extract - my lip swelled up big time. I only get localised reactions to contact though.


On Apr 13, 2001

Touch and smell sensitive - though in a room with good ventilation, I can put up with it for about 20 minutes, and just get itchy.

I tend to just avoid peanut containing events... and when I visit a friend's house for overnight, I usually go along onthe grocery run to check labels. Most of my friends either save packaging, or schedule the shopping so I can check.

Everyone else, well, I don't eat, and I usually plan on a short visit if they're putting food out.