totally blown away by DS\'s test results.

Posted on: Wed, 06/15/2005 - 3:17pm
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DS had the Immunocap test done in June 2004. Peanut was 4.59, egg white 9.89, and egg yellow .87. Took DS back to the allergist in April '05 and I asked the allergist when he'd do the Immunocap again. He said basically "sometime between this June and next June...if you wanna wait until later on this year, that's fine, but anytime after June 7 is fine." So I came home that day and wrote a reminder on my calendar so I'd remember to call after June 7 to get the labwork order.

So, when the time came, I called the dr's office and requested the order. The nurse called back later, asking why I wanted to have it done again, and said the dr's notes said to retest in June '06. I said "no, that is absolutely not what he told me. He said we could do it again anytime after June 7, and I want to have it done."

She get a little snippity with me and finally said "do you understand that the dr says the numbers probably aren't going to change much, that's why he wants to wait until next year?" I said "Yes, I understand that completely...there might not be any difference, and the numbers might go up, but at least we will know that and will wait for next year."

So against her better judgement, lol, she said she'd get the order for me.

I have "patiently" waited to get the results, knowing that last year the dr said it took about a week to get the results and they came back within 2 days.

I had to message today that said "This is so & so at the allergist's office, we have the results of the immunocap test, please call us." I just knew I was not getting good news.

I called and the nurse said the egg white was 1.97, *DOWN* from 9.87 last year." I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo surprised. I was hoping it wasnt higher than last year, and hopeful that it was a little less than last year, but never thought it would have gone down that much.

Then she said the peanut was "last year, 4.59, this year 1.37" !!!! WOW. I had not even entertained the idea that the peanut level would go down. I think I have resigned us to always living with PA.

Then she said "the egg white is down from .87 last year, to .35 this year."

She said the dr said for us to still avoid egg and peanut for the time being. I asked if the decrease from 9.89 to 1.97 meant that he'd *possibly* consider an oral challenge for the egg in October (our next appt) and she said yes.

I asked the dr in April at what point he'd consider an oral challenge, and he said the level would have to go down to 20% (maybe it was 25%, cant remember), before he'd consider it for the egg, and wasn't sure he'd even consider for peanut at all. Figuring the levels would go down s-l-o-w-ly, if they went down at all, I thought we were a long time away from an oral challenge.

I was prepared for the levels to be about the same, maybe a little up or a little down, but I was knocked off my feet by the changes.

So for today, I am ecstatic. And somewaht anxiously awaiting our next appt.

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