Toronto group?


I joined a support group in the Vaughn area as it was the only one I could find near me. I find it very hard to beleive in a city this size there isn't one closer. The Vaughn group is too far away and since joining 2 years ago, I've made it to the original orientation meeting and one other. Does anyone know of one in the city of Toronto itself? I am in the downtown area.

On Oct 13, 2000

Hi, yes there is a Metro Toronto group. For more information go to [url=""][/url] then click on the screen where it says Anaphylaxis Network then look at the bottom of the screen that comes up and click on the Support Groups section. You will find a contact person's name, email address and telephone number. For more Canadian information on food allergy, asthma and anaphylaxis visit [url=""][/url]