Toronto area bakeries - please advise!


Well, it's amazing to be in the position of actually having safe CHOICES when it comes to baked goods, but it's a good decision-making problem! We're going to be in the area for my grandmother's 90th birthday/family reunion, and I want to order a special cake. Our choices, given our timing, will be Richman's Bakery (Bathhurst), the Cupcake Store (Younge St. -- they also make cakes, or, possibly, Cakes by Robert (timing may make this more difficult to order and pick-up). Anyway, do any of you Candadian folks have cake reviews of these places? The Richman is Kosher pareve, which means no dairy cakes, but they do offer more specialty choices, like Black Forest cake, then the cupcake place (which could use real buttercream). Any quick suggestions - or other places if you are aware of them - would be appreciated!

We're staying in Niagra-on-the-Lake, but my aunt will be in Toronto this Sunday to be able to pick up the cake for our Monday night shindig. By the way, we'll be eating at Alfredo's in Virgil -- any experience with them? Sounded safe when I called. Needs to be nut-safe, kid-friendly and able to accomodate 21 people.

On Jun 15, 2005

Dear Yonit, You could also try Amazing Donuts at 3772 Bathurst (northwest corner of Bathurst and Wilson). There phone number is 416 398 7546. We just came back from there as an end of school treat. Their donuts really are amazing!! and they also sell frozen yoghurt. They are kosher and peanut/nut free. I will be having them make up a cake for my son's Bar Mitzvah in 6 months. Richman's bakery is also very good but my son is also allergic to sesame and poppy seeds. Because they also bake bread, the seeds are everywhere! Have a great time in Toronto!

On Jun 16, 2005

Thanks, Eyes! I just ordered a Black Forest cake and half a dozen cupcakes from Richman's. Amazing Donuts said that they may not be open this Sunday (the day we'll be able to pick up) because of an event they are doing. Maybe we can get back into Toronto later in the week - what a treat it would be to get safe frozen yogurt! Any other restaurant suggestions would be greatly appreciated (doesn't have to be Kosher necessarily).

On Sep 13, 2005

I know I am a bit late in posting, but I wanted to mention that I drive to Richmonds every month for my bread and desserts. I am allergic to sesame seeds,so I pre-order the night before, and he makes sure that he does not use sesame seeds. Note**I am not anaphylactic to sesame seeds, but if I was, I would not take the chance that I do.