Tootsie Rolls


I called Tootsie Roll today. The customer relations lady informed me that they do not make any products that has peanuts or peanut oils. I am so relieved to know that there is a treat my son can have that is safe. If you want to call them, their number is 773-8383400.

On Apr 9, 2001

Just to confirm...I called them too, around Halloween time and they told me the same thing.

On May 10, 2002

Just got an e-mail from Tootsie Roll. They are still processing with no peanuts/nuts.

They have a large selection of products (even chocolate).


Happy eating.


On May 10, 2002

Thanks AnnaMarie! [img][/img]

On May 10, 2002

WOW!! I just called and spoke with Janet in customer relations and she confirmed that all of Tootsie products are nut free!!

Check out their website to see all of their products...there are some that I have not seen in the store and will look for them... [img][/img]

On May 10, 2002

I also received the same response around Halloween. I still am not comfortable giving them to my kids...have any of you tried their products yet?

On May 10, 2002


I have always given my son tootsie rolls. He has never had a reaction from them. He has eaten the original and also the flavored ones.

best wishes,

renee [img][/img]

On May 11, 2002

Hi Kstreeter! I would like to know why you are still not comfortable giving them to your kids. Are you not confortable with ALL Tootsie products, or just certain ones?

When I called yesterday, they informed me that they do not use any nut products at all and I feel safe with them, but have not given to my child yet.

I am concerned about their chocolate products: Junior Mints, Andes candies, Charleston Chew, just because they are chocolate. However, they assured me these products are nut free, so this is just my own hesitation...

On May 11, 2002

I checked our stash of Halloween Candy and didn't see any "May Contains" or any questionable ingredients in their products.

My son has never ate a Tootsie product because for some reason I thought they weren't safe. I thought I read a warning on their product maybe 2 or 3 years ago and that's why I have never allowed him to eat any tootsie rolls or pops.

It's good to know that they are safe now.

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On May 11, 2002

We use lots of tootsie roll products. They also make cella chocolate covered cherries and fluffy stuff cotton candy, which are nut free. I have some charleston chews but I'll call again about them because in the ingredient list it says "vegetable protein" but doesn't say which vegetable. I'm about 99.99% sure it's not peanut though, or they would put that on there.


On Nov 2, 2002

Raising =)

On Nov 6, 2002

Interestingly, I checked an Andes product at the supermarket tonight. It was a new product, Andes Mint Patties. Had multiple nut warnings on it. Makes me suspect of other products. I found no other Andes(a Tootsie company) products to cross reference there. However, it gave me great cause for conceren because I came home to find a reply to a recent inquiry to Tootsie!

They claim all products are nut free, and they have a product on the shelves with warnings!

Benefit of the doubt might be they contract for this particular Holiday Andes item, and it *does* have the proper warnings. I did rely to try to get clear on this, and will post back if I get an answer. I have been trusting Tootie products, but kept away fron the Andes brand due to waiting for info on the toffe crunch and cross contact info re: Andes in general. becca

On Nov 11, 2002

This was my info back on the Andes products. So, apparently, only Mint thins are safe. I have seen other flavors. But everyone does seem to concur they(Tootsie) are a safe comany. Becca

"The mint patties you mention are not our product, only the mint thins are produced in our facility, which is peanut and nut product free. Hope this helps."

Mind you, these are "Andes" mint patties, clearly the same Andes label or logo as the mint thins. So not exactly sure, but must have this product done elsewhere. There was not a Tootsie label anywhere on the bag, though. becca

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