\"Too clean\" theory for peanut allergy

Posted on: Thu, 01/20/2005 - 1:29pm
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I'm a bit torked because from time-to-time I read articles that say there's a theory about peanut allergies becoming more prevalent because our society is too clean.

That may be part of the puzzle, but it's certainly not the case with my family! I am no domestic goddess and barely know where the broom is. We have a housekeeper and she does an okay job, but we still have a lot of dust bunnies. We don't use the anti-bacterial soaps. I have the 10 second rule when it comes to food falling on the floor. And my p.a. son's eczema is pretty bad, so we don't take baths every night.

I just hate reading these generalizations... all it takes is everyone reading this to assume that it's my fault because I was too anxious about everything being clean.

And, my father grew up on a farm during the Depression, for Pete's sake, and he's got the worst allergies around. So I can assure the world that our peanut allergy is not because we're too clean.


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