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Tongue felt like it was burning after eating ice cream with walnuts

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My boyfriend ate some ice cream with walnuts in it the night before last, and he said his tongue felt like it was burning afterward, similar to how it would feel if he had just had sour candies. He looked up the reaction online and found out he may be allergic to walnuts. If he continues to eat walnuts, could his reaction progressively get worse? Should he start checking ingredients in the foods he eats to make sure there aren't any walnuts?

Any advice is appreciated!

By Leanne Hall on Nov 14, 2012

Thanks for the advice, Gina! It was the first possible allergic reaction to food he's ever experienced. He did some online research and found out that it could have been something other than an allergic reaction (I don't remember what the other possibility was). But now he's paranoid and wants to avoid walnuts, pecans, and other tree nuts because he read that his reaction could get worse over time if he continues eating them. I'll suggest he go to a doctor and get tested :)

Thanks again!

By GinaT on Nov 12, 2012

Was this a one-time thing or does it happen every time he eats walnuts? I highly doubt this is his first encounter with walnuts, so it's possible that there is another ingredient in the ice cream causing the reaction. The only way to know for sure is to get tested by a doctor, but if he is reacting to something in the ice cream it is probably a good idea to avoid the major ingredients that might have caused the reaction.