Toddlers and medic alert??

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I am sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't exactly find the answer searching [img][/img]

Our ped and allergist had suggested getting Matthew (now 21 months old) a medic alert bracelet after his first reaction at 13 months but I never did it because he never leaves my side. Now that we are thinking about putting him in a mom's day out program this summer with his older brother I would like to get him one. The school is "peanut free" but we all know that isn't 100%

Anyway... those who have put Medic Alert bracelets on toddlers do you put them on their wrists or their ankles?? I just measured his wrist and its only 3 inches. The smallest I saw online was 5... how do you work that?? I really would have liked to have gotten the "sports band" kind instead of hte metal ones but the smallest I saw in those was 9 inches. Does any other site sell smaller ones than that??

On Mar 7, 2007


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On Mar 7, 2007

Thank you for your reply!! You are right that strange thing happen. I probably should have done this a long time ago.

How did you have the bracelent sized smaller?? Is that something you can do yourself or did you have to take it somewhere??

On Mar 8, 2007

Medic Alert will make it pretty much any size for you. My dd also got hers at age 2 from Medic Alert and she is very petite. I would definitely not do the ankle one or the sports band, as the paramedics are usually not trained to look for those. They are trained to look for the silver wrist one.

On Mar 8, 2007

The reps at MedicAlert can help you with the sizing. Our DS has worn his continuously since the age of 11 months. He is also always with me but you never know when an accident, fire, etc. could happen. We also liked the idea of getting him used to it at an early age.

On Mar 8, 2007

I used this brand: [url=""][/url]

It fits my 12 month old's wrist but I currently have it on his ankle. It is a slider- so it can be removed from the band easily. It is waterproof so I can keep it on for baths if I want. I decided to get him a bracelet in case I am injured in an accident and he cannot tell the emergency workers about his allergy etc.

I chose not to do Medic Alert brand because I didn't want to pay for the services yearly. This bracelet can be used for years before I will need to replace it. Plus I got different bands for variety.

Good luck!

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On Mar 8, 2007

It is very easy to size hte chain link bracelet. You can take it to jewelery store and have link removed. I removed the links myself (I have little needle nose pliers). Keep the links to add to the bracelet as your child grows.

On Mar 8, 2007

Our friendly jeweler resized DD's bracelet for free. It is very easy for them to do.

I would recommend Medic Alert because the bracelet is a link to all the information you put in the data base. It's also well known and recognized the world over. Definitely worth the membership fee, if you ask me.


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On Mar 8, 2007

If you go with the metal Medic Alert (I did and love it) my recommendation is to order it larger (same price!), get it sized, and keep the chain for the future. We ordered my DD's to fit, and when we need to expand it we'll either have to get a new bracelet or pay $18 for new chain and get it sized ourselves.

On Mar 8, 2007

Medic Alert is only $17 per year. That is a small price to pay for safety. They can keep records on all kinds of information on your child (medical info, names and contact info for allergist, family members, meds he is on, etc.) In an emergency all this information can be obtained immediately. This is really important if, for example, you are in an accident and you are unconscious. It is well worth the $17.

On Mar 12, 2007

When she was small, put a stickers on DD car seat: on the side, back and next to the buckle. It says: The child in this seat has a LIFE THREATENING PEANUT ALLERGY do not feed. It was helpful when she carried around in the seat. We also used sharpy on the tongue of her tennis shoes (inside) and on tags of undershirts (just said 'life threatening peanut allergy'). I did that for peace of mind if we had a wreck or for some reason we were seperated (God forbid). A friend of mine who works in an a peds floor said she saw a toddler with cancer with a shoe string plate that had medical symbol on the front and information on the backside. I tried to find it before posting and had no luck.

On Mar 12, 2007

We use the adjustable bracelets from [url=""][/url] Works great--she has little bitty 13 month old arms! They are wash & wear...usually last her about a month---then her little arm gets too fat!

I love the bright color. It sure gets noticed.

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On Mar 13, 2007

We used a MedicAlert Sports Band (bright orange, his favorite color!) around DS's ankle from age 13 months to 4 years. We'd take it off at night, but would put it on him whenever we left the house with him.

When he turned 4, we bought him one of the smallest MedicAlert bracelets for his wrist. We never take it off.