To Test or Not to test?

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My son got real bad hives and red swollen ears from eating half a cashew I gave him not knowing he was allergic. He ended up being low allergic to peanuts but 6.68 to cashew. They did a blood test at his pediatricians office. My question is should I take him to an allergist to see if he is allergic to other legumes? We've had lentil soup and peas for dinner, but at age 2 he's not into eating his veggies. I'm afraid I should not even have/cook legumes but with my husband being a vegetarian he uses them a lot. Confused on what I should do?

On Feb 7, 2008


My kiddo is allergic to Cashew Peanut and Pistachio. I think most people who are allergic to nuts are ok with legumes. The one exception I have read about is cross reactivity with Lupine - it is more common in Europe than it is here. By the time my son was diag he was already eating peas and had tried green beans but didn't like them. I never had him tested for legumes. I would get an appt. with an allergist to see what they recommend for your kiddo. If you have one near you I would look for someone who specializes in food allergy.

For instance mine recommends avoiding sesame (my son hasn't ever had it and the protien is similar to peanut).