We have recently arranged an international trip for visiting our families with our 3 years old son who is serious allergy to peanut. Unfortunately, we have to cancel the trip right before leaving because the SouthenChina airline serves peanuts in the airplane and refuses to change their serving menu for only one passenger request.

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On Jun 19, 2001

I am really sorry you had to cancel your trip. I fully understand because we have family in France.

Did you buy your ticket through an agency? Sometimes they give you a credit towards the purchase of another flight....

This is the reason why we only fly united at this point....

On Jun 19, 2001

Hello everyone,

We always fly A/C(always on a Air Canada plane not the old Canadian bought out planes). I contacted A/C last week to book a trip and their website peanut policy is up-to-date. The policy stated they DO NOT serve any ACTUAL peanut products but cannot/will not guarantee that other passengers will not consume peanuts on the flight. They also recommend not eating the airline food as they cannot guarantee the snacks/foods are free of peanut/nut traces. I really hope the representative that responded to my e-mail is correct. We are leaving this Friday!My son, who has had two air-bourne reactions on air planes (not A/C flights),is very excited to go see my family. I will be devastated if A/C serves peanuts in business class even if we are not sitting in that area of the plane because the air in most aircrafts circulates from front to back! We have flown at least a dozen times since he was a toddler, now he's almost 8, and all but those two instances he has been reaction free. We considered trying to go visit my husband's family in the Middle East earlier this year but last years attempt to board an Iran Air flight from London Heathrow was unsuccessful.( He began experiencing itchy watery eyes and coughing while at the gate. We got off and he felt better after Benedryl. I could not expose him to anymore airline IGNORANCE- they clearly did not understand the severity of anaphylaxis, so we returned to Canada the next day on A/C.) I contacted British Airways and they DO NOT serve ANY peanut products either. I haven't flown with them but my husband who is currently over seas said his British Airways flight was peanut free.( meaning- the flight attendents said they do not serve peanuts or peanut products anymore.)I will post if there are any problems with our flights.