TNX-901 trials (AP reporter inquiry)


Greetings all. My name is Paul Elias and I'm a reporter with The Associated Press. I'm working on story that explores the corporate infighting between Tanox/Genentech/Novartis and its impact on the development of a peanut allergy treatment. I'm hoping to talk to anyone who may have participated in the TNX-901 trials or anyone who has any views on the development of this drug and/or Xolair. You can email or call me at 415-495-1196. Thanks for your time and I apologize for the intrusion.

On Jun 12, 2003

No intrusion! This is very exciting. Can you tell us when you hope to run your story to give us a time frame to contact you?

On Jun 22, 2003

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Sorry I can't figure out how to get there any further than this. This is the best I can do. [img][/img] Please feel free to help by correcting my link to the other thread. Thanks!

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On Jun 22, 2003

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Now it works Gail, thanks. peg

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