TNX-901 a cure for PA? Has anyone heard?

Posted on: Thu, 05/08/2003 - 10:14pm
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Hi all,
I've just been reading an article in a Melbourne Parenting Guide(Australia) about a small U.S. company that has developed a drug which claims to blunt peanut allergy reactions.
The drug is known as TNX-901. " This drug is a monoclonal antibody, an engineered protein that binds to a particular target involved in setting off allergic reactions and asthma attacks and thus prevents the attack. The clinical trial results announced so far show that people who received a high dose of TNX-901 could eat peanut flour equivalent to an average of nine peanuts before having an allergic reaction, rather than just half a peanut."
The article implies that the Houston based company Tanox,and parteners Genetech and Novartis, may discontinue testing the Tanox drug.
I am interested to know if anyone has heard of this wonder drug, and its progress. I live in Australia and it's the first I've heard.
Hope everyone's safe and well
jenni(Jedd's mum)

Posted on: Thu, 05/08/2003 - 11:29pm
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go to the research link and there are many threads about this.

Posted on: Tue, 05/13/2003 - 2:59am
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Hi! My name is Allison and I'm 18. I've had anaphylaxis to peanuts, nuts, sesame, and poppy since birth. I live in New Jersey and am currently enrolled in the TNX-901 study for peanuts. I think this drug is absolutely incredible. Prior to getting the drug I tolerated less than a half of peanut and after taking the drug for almost a year a was able to go through the entire food challenge without having a reaction (8 grams)!!!! Tanox has agreed to continue the study until further notice. There are several really great articles at [url=""][/url] and [url=""][/url] Xolair, a similar drug, is currently available in Venezualla and Australia. If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at [email][/email]
Good luck, allison

Posted on: Tue, 05/13/2003 - 4:18am
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Allison, that is great to hear that you have had success in the peanut anti-ige study. Will you continue to receive shots of the medication? Do you think the shots may help you with your other food allergies/asthma - if you have it? Anyway, thanks for the first-hand information and I'm glad the treatment seems to have worked for you. Also, thanks for participating in a study that may help all of us down the road!!

Posted on: Tue, 05/13/2003 - 11:40am
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Allison - so great to hear some good news. Please keep us all posted on how you are doing.

Posted on: Tue, 05/13/2003 - 5:22pm
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The anti-IGE has significantly improved my asthma, environemntal allergies, and other food allergies. After being on traditional allergy shots for what seems like a trillion years with absolutely NO improvement, anti-IGE has been only medicine that has helped. My last skin testings showed that I am less sensitive to EVERYTHING. I went from being on oral steroids 70 % of the year to 20-50 % of the year. Anti-IGE is truly a promising medicine I just hope the studies don't stop due to legal problems.

Posted on: Wed, 05/14/2003 - 7:32am
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Allison, am I glad to read your post. It's wonderful to hear positive news. I am just wondering since I heard, and my daughter's pediatrician told us, that this drug is only for those that have severe reactions. I would qualify my daughter's reaction as severe. Would you be willing to tell what your reaction to eating peanuts was before you took this drug? Also, have you been informed of the likelihood of trials continuing? I have heard that if the companies don't come to some agreement even the participants will stop receiving the drug as of July 1.
Thanks for posting.

Posted on: Sat, 05/17/2003 - 8:24am
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Hi Judy!
Sorry it's taken me a while to respond to your post.
TNX-901 is being tested for people with severe PA. I have multiple food allergies so when I have a reaction I am never quite sure which food caused it. The last severe reaction I had occured after ingesting mango sorbet with sprinkles. I took one lick and I immediately began to feel funny and new I was having a reaction. Within less than a minute my lips swelled, my tongue swelled and I could feel my throat closing. My asthma significantly worsened. I gave myself my epi-pen, benedryl, and a nebulizer treatment. About 20 minutes later my mom gave me another epi-pen and another treament. For about 3 days after the reaction my asthma was out of control. After the reaction I avoided mango until I had a supervised food challenge. The challenge showed that I am NOT allergic to mango so there must have been a cross contamination in my sorbet. Another more recent but less severe reaction occured after touching a sesame seed on a bagel (actually on the way to the dr. to receive my first injection of TNX-901). I broke out in hives all over my face and had mild-moderate breathing problems but my throat did not close and I did not require epi.
To answer your other question, there are still legal litigations going on between the three companies. Initially Tanox discontinued the study entirely. The doctors and patients threatened to go public and so Tanox agreed to continue the study until July 1. Right after this second announcement was when all the publicity about the drug emerged (around March ish). About 2 weeks ago we were told Tanox has agreed to keep the study going until further notice!!!! We are moving into the next phase of the study- one step closer to approval.
Xolair, a similar drug being tested for asthma, is expected be approved within the next month. Last Thursday the FDA began the hearings for Xolair and has been reported that they are going very well. Even though Xolair will be approved for asthma I suspect that doctors will give it to PA patients at least until TNX-901 is approved.
[url=""][/url] has really covered the topic well.

Posted on: Sat, 05/17/2003 - 12:13pm
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Its great about your reactions getting less severe. I was crying when I read your post.I heard about the shot and wrote to all 3 companies recently urging them to come to an agreement. Novartis wrote back to me.
Do you know the age that a person can get the shots. I have a5 1/2 yr old and hope that by the time he is in middle school he will be able to get them.I hope they are out by then! Where in new jersey do you live?

Posted on: Sat, 05/17/2003 - 1:36pm
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Hi Patsmommy!
I'm so glad you wrote to the companies. The more mail they get the more likely they will continue the study. The drug is currently being tested for ages 12-65ish? A study for ages 2-11 was suppose to begin before all the legal stuff began but I believe it has been stopped. I live in Monmouth County. Are you also from New Jersey?

Posted on: Sun, 05/18/2003 - 5:45am
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hi allison
I live in Middlesex county. He has had 3 reactions to peanuts.His first ever was a blotch on the corner of his mouth after eating pb for the first time, well I put a teaspoon of pb on a slice of bread he took one bite and did not eat it. I did not realize he was allergic, a few months later my gf gave him a pb cracker, he took one bite and did not like it(amazing) he broke out in hives and started vomiting about 15 minutes later, maybe earlier we were shopping. his last reaction was about a year after that, I gave him mini m&m's( again I was not smart about the allergy then) he broke out in hives. Since then we avoid everything that says may contain or made in a facility that manufactors peanuts. I am nervous about the times when like you , you eat something and its cross contaminated. If this shot was available it would be a lifesavor literally.


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