Tim Ho&*^* penut butter attack!

Posted on: Wed, 04/20/2005 - 2:05am
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I am 31 years old, and from Canada
I have had a Penut allergy since i was very young,
I recently visited a Tim Ho&^% store and asked for a chocolate chip cookie....mmm my favorite, the girl at the counter told me she didnt have any, i said ok i am allrgic to penut butter, dont give me anything with penut butter because i am allergic to penut butter, well she said, we have theses M & M ones here, i said ok

the girl put the cookie in the bag, i didnt see her do it, i went out to the car with my girlfreind, in the dark while talking to my girlfreind, i took out the cookie and took a bite. Instantly i had a bad feeling, she took a bite and said it was a Penut Butter Chunk!

I was lucky i was 1 minute away from my house, i went there and jabbed my Eppi pen in my leg, and right away went to the hospital, i was there in less than 8 minutes! I ran into the emergency with a major asthma attack, my face was swelled up about 2" all around, my throat was closed off, i couldnt talk, or breath, i was panicing, and almost hauled the Hospitals computer off the administrators desk!, i was put into a wheelchair a wheeled away instantly, and recieive treatment right away, mask, I V, eppi pen, heart monitor patches, my heart shot up to about 150 thats when i looked at the screen after i calmed down, so it must have been a lot worse.
Later on that night at the hospital i woke up and swished my mouth and the it started all over again there must have been a peice of cookie in my mouth, i didnt even swallow any of the cookie and all this happened, i was released from the hospital 12 hours later.

2 days later i had a reacurrence from the penut butter attack, i broke out in a major rash, that was fixed by my local doctor after a couple of days.

I have contacted the store manager and owner, and have been passed onto the head office, then and an ajuster contacted me?? i dint ask for anything i only told them what happend, another 5 minutes and i would have been dead! or if it was a remote Tim Hor^*%^n store i would not have made it to the hosptial in time,

What should i do next??
I am supposed to meet with an adjuster this week...

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