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Posted on: Fri, 06/06/2003 - 1:24am
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Our three year old son was tested for allegies, and peanuts and tree nuts showed posiive. He's never had a severe allergic reaction to nut, except complaing of a sore mouth after eating a pecan. Are symptons and reaction to nut progressively bad? We are carrying an epi pen until we see the allergist. Any thoughts. thanks.

Posted on: Fri, 06/06/2003 - 2:57am
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Hi, and welcome to the board.
I guess the short answer to your question is sometimes. Personally, my reactions got worse over time. My reactions to sesame seed went from hives to anaphylactic. My reactions to peanuts have not gotten that bad. Yet. I still avoid even trace amounts.
Other people have had anaphylactic reactions the first time.
Glad to hear your doctor prescribed an epi. I carry one for my son, although his reaction to insects has not been life threatening. Better safe than sorry.

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