Thoughts On Teacher Defying My Food Rules


My PA & TA DD5's Kindergarten teacher has been teaching for 19 yrs but has supposedly never dealt with a child that has food allergies. She has been told since day 1 that my daughter is to have no food that isn't provided by or approved by me. The school admins, nurse, lunch staff, and a handful of other teachers and assistants are also aware of this.

Several weeks into the school year we had several gastro based issues and it turns out it was b/c the teacher took my child's word for it that the class snack was safe. She even saved the bag to show me, but I angrily pointed out that there was a very clear "may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts" warning on the label. It was escalated to the admins and she was given more education and warnings on things.

All seemed good for a while until the teacher pulled attitude with me when I said I wanted to provide all of her food items for their 100 day celebration/project. She had no choice- I provided the food!

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks...I started seeing some hives on her legs. She's been known to have contact dermatis with some fabrics, so I thought it was that, but it turns out that may not be the case. Last Friday, I found a snack bag in my child's backpack- and it was not a snack that I provided. DD5 informed me that her teacher offered it to her and she took it. I asked her if this happens a lot. She said yes, and she's said turned down the snack many of the times, but not always. Now, she knows better, but she's also 5. I'm now starting to wonder if that wasn't contact dermatitis after all.

DD5 can be VERY challenging and I know it frustrates the teacher, but she's also been too burnt out or lazy to escalate things to parent conferences. She even recently told my child to "deal with it" when the class bully hit her.

They are on spring break right now and there's really no one I can meet with, but my plan was to march in Monday morning and demand teacher reassignment. I also feel the teacher's actions are potentially criminial, so I've left a msg with the school district so we can take this to the next level. My mother and aunt are teachers, so they are trying to help us where they can, but they are in different states (we're in TX), so there may be certain rules or nuances of handling such matters that vary.

In any event, aside from anger - does anyone have suggestions or thoughts on handling this?