Those with small children with PA???

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Sorry to have so many questions today this is just all so new to me...

Do you have medic alert tags on your child?? My son is 13 months old and my Dr handed me a packet about medic alerts and said many parents like to have these. I think its a good idea but how on earth do you keep something like that on a 13 month old???? Plus he never leaves me so does it matter????

On Jun 25, 2006

My DS started wearing his MedicAlert at about 18 mos (he's now 4.5). Even though he was always with us, somebody told us that if he started wearing it before age 2, he wouldn't really complain. At first we just put it on him a few hours a day and let him play with it (when it was off) so he got used to it. After a week or so we started putting it on him all day and would take it off for bedtime. After a couple weeks of that he tolerated wearing it all the time. He even would show it off to other people and point out other people wearing bracelets (MedicAlert or just jewelry). Good luck.

On Jun 25, 2006

I got a bracelet for dd shortly after diagnosis, and it has never been removed even once. She was a little over two years old and will be four next weekend. So, she's never removed the bracelet in almost 2 years. I decided not to take it off at night because I didn't want her to fight me about wearing it.

She has never complained, and we've always made a big fuss over her bracelet as in, "why don't you show Mrs. Smith your bracelet? Can you tell her what it means?", etc. People usually tell her how cool it is and she seems to like that. She has no problem explaining that she wears it because she's allergic to peanuts and she also explains what's in her "medicine bag" (epipens and Benadryl), how you use it (stick it in her leg), and when (if she eats something with peanuts).

It's shocking how much they can understand or at least relay to others at a young age. She's been able to explain all this to others almost since we found out.


On Jun 25, 2006

My son is 17mo old and was diagnosed last August with his peanut allergy. To be honest, I never thought about a medic alert bracelet until I read about some of the scenarios on this site. What if you were in an accident and unable to tell someone what his allergies were? What if he wandered off and some well meaning person found him and gave him a "treat"? Let's just say there are enough what if's out there that have me thinking, okay I need to get on this. So we have been researching the various bracelets out there (I agree with many posters that your standard utilitarian bracelet will be noticed more than one of the cuter ones aimed at young children). I hope to have one on my son before his brother is born. Just one more thing to drive my mother in law nuts with [img][/img]

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On Jun 25, 2006

I purchased a small baby bracelet from a local jewelry store. They engraved our medic id number, the list of allergies on it and saudered the braclet onto my child so it could not be removed. It has been on the active 3 year old for over a year.

On Jun 25, 2006

My kids, 7 and 3, both wear Medic Alert bracelets. The Medic Alert brand basic bracelets for kids are stainless steel and have a very tough clasp that your child won't be able to open.

I highly recommend getting an actual Medic Alert bracelet because doctors have instant access to whatever medical information you put into your child's file. That's a lot more than just what you can engrave on a bracelet. You can update the medical info online whenever you want.

It doubles as an ID bracelet since if your child is lost someone can call and get your contact information.

If you just put the bracelet on and never take it off, the child will quickly get used to it.

Go to [url=""][/url] to check it out.


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On Jun 26, 2006

I asked our allergist about this the very day we confirmed my 2-year-old DS's PA, and he said not to worry about the bracelet until he went to preschool since I stay home with him. It wasn't until coming to this site and seeing some of the possible scenarios that has made me totally re-think this. Although an accident is certainly possible, I can't stop thinking of us getting separated at say the mall and a someone seeing my DS upset gives him a PB cookie to make him "feel better" while they look me! AHHHH! Going on the website right now!! For my comfort, there are too many IFs to not have one now. Thanks for starting this thread.

On Jun 26, 2006

We've had a Medic Alert bracelet on our three year old since he was 11 mo. old. It has been a great conversation starter with other moms when we are out and about. It is also a great reminder for others that he has allergies. It doesn't bother him at all and we never take it off.

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On Jun 26, 2006

We first put DS bracelet on at 12 months. He doesn't bother it at all. I agree, that it is a conversation starter. We went to restaurant this weekend, and the waitress immediately noticed his bracelet asking what it was for. Once she noticed EA on his bracelet, she immediately backed off saying she had been chopping eggs all afternoon and she didn't want to make him sick.

On Jun 26, 2006

My ds has never had one. I never thought the need since he is always with people very well trained. I always knew that he would need one once he starts school, but he won't start kindergarten until next year. The only thing that would concern me is the car accident scenario. To be honest, it never really crossed my mind. I guess maybe I will re-think getting him one before kindergarten.

On Jun 26, 2006

My DD has had one since just before she was 2. She's never taken it off and it's never bothered her.

I have it for all of the reasons listed above. She is always in my care, but my main reason was in case of an accident. My pharmacist told me a whole list of medicines with peanuts in them. (Not that I could remember them!) But the best plus is that everyone takes her allergy more seriously now.

We got the regular Medic Alert bracelet. The only thing I wish I'd done was have them send me an adult sized bracelet and have a jeweller fit it. Now that we ordered it to fit, we have no chain to add to it as she grows. I know a jeweller can do it, or we can get Medic Alert to send us another chain, but I think ordering the adult size to start with is the way to go!

On Jun 26, 2006

we put a medic allert bracelet on our son at 18 months. we put it on him when he was sleeping, he never noticed it after he woke up. i wanted to put it on him as soon as possable because i just wanted it to be part of him so when he gets older he dosnt give us a hard time about wearing it. so far so good. its been a year and no problems so far with the bracelet. best of luck to you erin -- son-- allergic to peanuts, dairy, strawberries, blueberries and mother in laws dog

On Jun 26, 2006

My two boys have PA/TNA and we started with the bracelets around 4yo, about the same time they started occasionally going on playdates without me, and getting invited to a lot of birthday parties.

A nice benefit is that other moms take the allergies seriously when they see the bracelet. And it reminds the teachers as well.

We just ordered (from MedicAlert) the size based on their wrist size. They actually turned out too big though so we had a jeweler take a few links out (for a nominal fee). The MedicAlert standard stainless bracelts aren't too pricey, and you have the benefit of all the information being stored on their computer. This is also a good benefit in case the child ever gets lost. There is a unique # on the bracelet and if your child was found, police could identify the child.

If you don't get one before your kids are in school, I think a sticker on the car seat is a good idea.

On Jun 27, 2006

DD started wearing her bracelet at 16 months after she was officially diagnosed with PA. She doesn't mind wearing it. The only time we take it off is for her bath. We got the child's size and it was still a little too big, so we just took some links off. It's been over a year and it looks like we need to add them back on [img][/img] But she's never complained about it or tried to take it off. We got it just in case we ever got into an accident and couldn't communaticate. Her 5 year old FA-free brother is also a big help - "My sister can't have peanuts!"

On Jun 27, 2006

My 8-yr old son just started wearing a Medic Alert bracelet this past year. He doesn't take it off and in fact enjoys wearing it.

I thought about getting him one in the past but never did. Now that he's older and going to places where I may not know all the people I got my butt in gear and got him one.

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On Jun 27, 2006

I think it is definitely a good idea. I always worried that if I got into a car accident and couldn't tell them about my sons allergy how serious that could be!