Thomas\'s Bagels and English Muffins


Yesterday I called Best Foods to find out about Thomas's plain bagels and I was told that none of their bagels could be labeled as safe, but they did tell me that their english muffins were run on dedicated lines. I have a package of cinnamon raisin english muffins but I have not given them to my DS yet. My question is is that I thought I had seen that someone had information that the plain bagels were safe? And has anyone given english muffins to their PA children and are they safe?



On Mar 26, 2002

We have used Thomas' English Muffins (plain or honey wheat) and they have been fine.

I only use frozen Lenders Bagels! They are made by Aurora Foods.


Hope this info is helpful! Stay Safe! [img][/img]

On Mar 27, 2002

I'm pretty sure there is a peanut allergy warning on the Thomas' bagles. But we have eaten the regular english muffins and the waffles with no problems. I didn't even realize the peanut warning was on the bagles, my very astute 9yo did who is always looking out for his little brother.


On Mar 27, 2002

There is no allergy warning on our package of Thomas' Blueberry Bagels. It does list natural flavors and I have not called them to check this out. PA (also milk and egg-allergic) DD has eaten this flavor of Thomas' bagels many times without problems.

On Mar 27, 2002

No warning on this bag of Thomas' New York Style Plain Bagels I have right here. The company is called Bestfoods.

On Mar 27, 2002

hmm, now I'm thinking maybe it wasn't Thomas' bagels. I'll have to check next time I'm at the grocery store. I know they were not the NY style bagels, I'm thinking they were mini bagels. (or at least not the real big ones). I'll post when I find out which ones had the peanut warning. Sorry for the confusion, Karen

On Mar 27, 2002

We've been eating the Thomas' Bagels for years...yikes! No warnings on blueberry, cinnamon, plain. Even the "everything" flavor doesn't have one (which I don't feed him anyway, just thought I was being extra careful). I'd thought I'd called them, or learned somewhere that they were safe. How frightening. I've let my guard down. [img][/img]

On Mar 27, 2002

Perhaps you are thinking of the Pepperidge Farm Bagels. They have a peanut warning.

We have used plain, sourdough, blueberry, cranberry, wheat, maple muffins of Thomas's and never had a problem.

On Mar 28, 2002

kstreeter, You are right, it was the Pepperidge Farm Bagels. Thanks for setting me straight!


On Mar 28, 2002

I'm confused. Which bagels are safe?

On Mar 28, 2002

I'm not sure about thomas' or pepperidge farms, but Lender's are safe.


On Apr 8, 2002

Any suggestions for safe Pita bread?

I can't think of the brands that are out there, does anyone here use a certain one that they have called on and are safe?

Thanks in advance! [img][/img]

On Apr 8, 2002

Sorry, double post!

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On Feb 24, 2004

Has anyone checked on the Thomas's bagels lately? I noticed some mini bagels made by them recently. I need to be careful about sesame as well as nut/peanut cross contamination.

On Feb 27, 2004

We tried Thomas bagels and had a minor reaction. She has just a couple hives around her face and diaper area. We won't try them again.