Thomas's bagels


I called the manufacturer regarding their plain bagels. They said that they had no information on how the plant makes them, so I should assume they are made on lines that produce nut containing products. She said the lines are cleaned, and the bagels are FDA approved which obviously doesn't mean much. I noticed their parent company owns Entemann's and Boboli, so I won't trust those brands either.

I figure this will be the case with most baked goods. :(

Anyone have any good leads on things like bagels, rolls, etc that they feel comfortable giving their child? I've already started baking cookies and cakes, but it would be really time consuming to bake all the other breads in the house, too! :)

By ectonc on Mar 16, 2010

I recently called the same manufacturer and decided I was not going to give my child any of their products. I'm not sure where you live but my child has been eating Martins Potato bread made in Chambersburg PA since she was one year old. Its made in a facility that only processes rolls and bread that doesnt have nuts or eggs. They also make Gibbles chips, pretzels and cheese snacks that are safe too. We have not given her any other breads other than Martins or making our own.

By BestAllergySites on Mar 16, 2010

We buy Ray's Bagels and have not had an issue.

To my knowledge, none of their bagels contain any nuts. They do have seeds though. I have never seen a warning label, though remember that warning labels are voluntary.

Their website lists their products and ingredients.

We also get bagels at Panera Bread as NONE of their bagels contain peanuts or nuts--at least at the Panera we go to. Not sure if it's by locale.

Always ck/ask before eating.

Hope that helps! Ruth