Thomas bagels? any safe mini bagels?


We have mixed feeling about Thomas bagels on this site, tonight I went online and search their website, [url=""][/url] what surprises me was that there is no PEANUT under the allergen search. Does that mean they are safe? Don't know, I just emailed them and let's see what happened. Anyone can suggest a safe mini bagels? They are perfect for outings and will be a great help for us.

On May 22, 2008

i was just going to post about bagels. we use the frozen lenders but would like something fresh. anyone use sara lee? i read their sandwich rolls and sesame was listed which we are avoiding along with peanut and tree nut. any suggestions would help. i dont do thomas'

On May 22, 2008

I just called their customer support and they explained that they do not have peanuts listed because they do not use peanuts in any of their products. They do use tree nuts in some products (not Thomas' but one of their other bakery lines entemanns, brownberry, arnold, freihofer) which is why they have the different tree nuts listed.

She also clarrified that while they clean the lines, the Thomas' products are made on equipment that is also used to make products from their other brands that contain tree nuts.

ETA - I am interested to see how they respond in an email.

On Jun 3, 2008

"Thomas" never rely my email. Well, they just lost my business regardless peanut free or not. We tried Sarah Lee blueberry bagels and have no problem. Very tasty too! Another great food item for road trips.

On Jun 3, 2008

I thought there were some people who didn't trust Sara Lee here? We haven't used any of their stuff so I don't know.

On Jun 3, 2008

Hey there. We do trust sarah lee, and they do a good job labeling, at least on the products we use. We mainly use their classic white bread, pound cake and bagel. Anyone else has a different story?

On Jun 3, 2008

Thanks. I did a quick search and saw that sometime last year they started labeling for may contains. In earlier posts (from 2006) people did not trust them due to shared lines with no warnings and sketchy customer service.

On Jun 4, 2008

i would love to have their pound cake around for holidays. can be easily dressed up. are you avoiding peanuts and tree nuts. my son had a small piece of peppridge farm cake

On Aug 1, 2008

Thomas Customer Service called me regarding the peanut/tree nut of the mini bagels. They said they do not use any peanuts but the bagels are made in a facility that process tree nuts. The equipment is cleaned prior to processing the bagels. They are made in a facility with tree nuts and on equipment that processes tree nuts. I inquired why the potential for cross contamination was not listed on the label and she did not have a solid answer just that every precaution is taken to prevent cross contamination.

On Aug 2, 2008

would like mini bagels for my daughter. mite get these. my sons tree nut levels are negative but we must still avoid. i will try these. thanks. as for the sara lee question, we do use their turkeys, lunchmeats and bagels. i want their pound cake too!!