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Posted on: Tue, 08/16/2005 - 3:01am
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Our synagogue serves PB&J as part of the meal they serve after services on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

They also rent out their social hall for other celebrations. After one big party from another group we were attending services and there were peanuts on the floor of the sanctuary. If my son had been there he would have had to leave.

I worked hours and hours in the synagogue kitchen and my son often helped me until the PB got to be too much for us to avoid.

So last year I wrote a letter to the president of the sisterhood explaining PA and asking if when they moved to their new location (Happening this month)would they consider making their kitchen peanut free. Not only for my son but for other potentially allergic members.

No answer and I let it drop. Now I get a mass emailing part of which says they are glad to announce PB&J will be a part of the new kitchen.

I'm disappointed and hurt. All of the time I spent in that kitchen, all of the work I did and not one mention or consideration for PA on behalf of my son and others. Ignorant to introduce PB into a new environment. Ignorant and rude.


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