The Problem - Peanut Allergy on the Radio


So I was working in Los Angeles the other day and I wias driving and listening to a radio show called Frosty, Heidi and Frank. They caught my attention because they started talking about peanut detecting dogs. They mentioned this because they heard about an 8 year old girl who needed a dog because she had such a severe allergy that if she stepped on a peanut shell it would react so strongly against her skin.

I are actually building some good awareness for people who go through this....I was wrong!!!

Then they started making fun of the whole situation and started saying that so few people even have this is no big deal. One of th guys started saying how ridiculous it is that he can not even eat peanuts on a plane because someone three rows in front has an allergy.

I mean...this is the whole problem. Right? People just don't get it and when a radio show goes on like this, more people think it is no big deal as well.

Do you all hear stories like this? I am pretty new to all of this so I was just curious. It did make me quite angry!