The Melting Pot


Tonight we stopped at The Melting Pot for dessert (they also have wonderful dinners). This was the first time there with our PA son and the Manager went out of his way to make certain our Chocolate Fondue dessert was Peanut Free. He said their chocolates are safe and he supervised the making of ours and then brought it directly to our table so no contamination could occur (since they do offer a Peanut Butter Chocolate fondue). He said it was the policy of the company to train their employees on allergens and they will do whatever they can to accomdate. It was a nice experience for us.

On Feb 21, 2005

I am glad you had a good experience and hope that it shows they have improved in the last few years.

DD had a reaction at The Melting Pot in Orlando a few years ago, when they told us there were no nuts in the brownies (dd is TNA too). The brownies were made from a mix that came for their corportate suppliers and did contain ground walnuts. AFTER they told us no nuts, they went and checked the label, hurried back to the table but it was too late.

A learning experience for all of us.