The Firts Peanut Butter & Jelly

Posted on: Sat, 07/31/1999 - 10:21pm
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Yesterday, my daughter had just finished her PB&J and left the crust behind. As my wife was cleaning up, my 9 month old son grabbed the crust and began to eat it.

My wife has managed day care facilities for many years for the YMCA and was well aware of the danger associated with infants and peanut butter. Within seconds, she noticed his breathing was stressed and he began to breakout with hives. We rushed him to the hospital immediately.

After several doses of medication, the hives had not been reduced and in some cases they had become worse. The doctors seemed puzzled, but they released him because his breathing was no longer stressed.

So, here I am this morning wondering how I keep my little boy safe. My wife is very knowledgable, but there is so much we need to know. How do we get started?

The Hansens
Toledo, OH


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