The first UK trial the anti Ige peanut \'cure\' . - Peanut Allergy Information

The first UK trial the anti Ige peanut \'cure\' .

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William has been offered a place on the first UK trial and I really need to know a little more about it. I contacted someone from the boards and she gave me loads of info and I am very grateful. ( big, big, thank you!!!!) However, I would love to hear from parents who have children that have been though or are going through this experience. I will get lots of info from St Marys hospital, but would like to be prepared with the best questions!!!! I know that the treatment requires the commitment of a trip to the hospital once every two weeks . Then there is the worry of my son spending the whole of his life taking an experimental drug etc. But the impact on his quality of life could be huge!

thanks, sarah

On May 19, 2003

Sarah, I wish you and William the best of luck in this trial...You are both so brave! My thoughts and prayers are with you! [img][/img] allison

On May 20, 2003

Wow - how exciting and scary at the same time. I will say a prayer for you and your son. Please keep us posted. Best of luck!

On May 28, 2003

it definitely is a HUGE time committment but well worth it. i go every 4 weeks and will be increased to every 2 weeks if and when we move into the next phase, but it really will make a big difference in your son's health. is he enrolling in the xolair study or for in the peanut study? both drugs have helped mhy asthma and food allergies. as far as time is concerned, i bring my homework with me and have actually made friends in the study. good luck with making you decision and keep us updated