The best brand of potatos


The ones in the big sack. Which brand is best? I'm going to be making a BBQ (which brand of BBQ sauce is safe??) potatos, mm, and I want the best quality ones. Are the Idaho potatos the best tasting?

On Sep 21, 2007

I like Yukon Gold. They taste buttery. I haven't had issues wrt to peanut and potatoes, but I've not seen them displayed next to each other in my store.

I guess that's not an issue for you though? Are you feeling comfortable about not being PA--or are you going for more testing?

Ah--a good reason to have OT.

On Sep 21, 2007

I do NOT feel comfortable at all with it yet. I'm really stuck in a bad rut with food and currently am eating awful...due to not knowing whats safe. I guess I read recipes on here but no one states which brand of WHAT they use, so I don't even know where to start. [img][/img] I will be going for a skin test - I have to go back to the allergist on Oct 2 then I'll talk to him about it.

On Sep 21, 2007

Do you visit the Manufacturers forum? I have gotten so much helpful information there, and people do refer to specific manufacturers.

For instance, I don't trust Duncan Hines based on the information I've gotten there, and many people will not use Kraft based on the response they get from the company.

Good luck!

On Sep 21, 2007

I usually buy russet potatoes. I like Yukon gold potatoes but they don't seem to last very long (they go bad quickly). Maybe I just don't use them quick enough. I don't buy any produce from a store that has open bins of nuts and I won't buy potatoes that are near even packaged nuts.

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On Sep 21, 2007

It depends on what you want to do. Russetts are great for baking. I like yukon golds for roasting. Fingerlings and reds are also nice.

I wouldn't use russetts for potato salad--I'd use a firmer (when cooked) potato.


On Sep 21, 2007

I will tell you that Wal-Mart & Sam's Club are excellent for labeling. The label for Factory X-Contam. Their Great Value Brand I use all the time. I use their chocolate chips (but always read the label) and Sam's Club has big Allergy Warning Label on it. Also, Hershey's is excellent for labeling. If there's no warnings on it then there's no X-Contam issues, just what's in the ingredients. I use the Hershey's 100% Cocoa for all of my baking stuff. Brownies, cookies, etc. As far as Hershey's candy, Their plain Hershey's kisses are safe, Rolo's, and York Peppermint Patties (always read though). You can take Rold Gold mini pretzels and put a rolo on the top and put them in a warm over for a few minutes until the Rolo melts and they are a fabulous easy treat.

I love to cook/bake and when this first happened I was lost. Now my new love is to take unsafe recipes and make them safe.

I actually redid a pesto sauce that is now safe. My family loves it. I subsitute the pignoli nuts for safe bread crumbs and it is excellent!! I actually think the bread crumbs taste better than the nuts cause their not so heavy.

Sorry for rambling when your asking about potatoes, but just be creative and you'll get it. I have become a walking dictionary of safe companies for cooking and love it.

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